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Welcome to one of the fastest growing websites for teachers on the internet. We know it can be difficult finding accurate information about ESL, teaching online, teaching abroad as well as creating online courses to supplement your work.

Why Teach and “Go”?

Teach and GO was started in 2018 during the online teaching boom. As educators ourselves, we strive to provide free quality resources, tools, advice and guides that are designed to help professional teacher best enhance their student’s learning experience.

We fundamentally believe that professional development through building knowledge and skills in essential areas of study is of utmost importance. This is why we focus on in classroom teaching, online, and ESL at the professional level. In addition, the resources and guides compiled by the staff here prioritize the continued career development of our educational content creators.

In short Teach and GO will have everything you need to get started teaching online, abroad or in the classroom more effectively. Welcome and thanks for being here.

About David Unwin

Hi I’m David Unwin, the founder of this site. Along with a team of teachers we produce helpful advice and guides for teaching online, abroad as well as classroom management. Everything on this site goes through me.

I taught English in Thailand starting in 2012 and I worked at all levels in the Thai education system from elementary, high school to finishing off my time in Thailand as a gust lecturer. I have years of classroom experience and got my start with obtaining a 120 hour TEFL certificate in Chiang Mai Thailand.

I was also one of the first 1000 teachers with VIPKID and taught over 2,4000 students and have conducted well over 6000 classes over the courses of 5 years:

You can trust Teach and Go – Helpful content from actual teachers

The content here is written by experienced teachers including myself instead of being from some faceless brand or outsourced writer. Our goal is to create helpful content for professional teachers or those looking to enter the teaching profession.

I hope you find TeachandGo.com helpful.

If you have any questions, please use the contact page to reach out to us with questions, comments, suggestions or partnerships.


David Unwin

Founder, TeachandGo.com