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Why Teach and Go?

Hi, I’m David the founder of Teach and GO. Welcome to one of the fastest growing ESL websites on the internet. I know it can be difficult finding accurate information about ESL, teaching online and teaching abroad.

So I started Teach and GO with a team of teachers to be your #1 resource for online teaching, learning and ESL.

Our goal with this website is to make it user friendly, accurate and up-to-date. Most ESL sites today are difficult to use, provide dated information or provide content that you’re simply not looking for.

Teach and GO will have everything you need to begin a profitable side business as an online English teacher covering specific training requirements, the step-by-step hiring process and potential employers to help you get hired.

Teach English Online?

By teaching online you have two options. You can go the freelance route which is stressful, time consuming but very profitable if you’re able to get clients. The other way is to work with an online teaching company as an independent contractor.

The independent contractor route is best for most new prospective teachers as the online company takes care of all the business aspects of teaching. Lesson planning, managing class time an payment.

This is why I like this brand new class of online teaching websites: VIPKID, Qkids and the like. They simply allow you to open hours, parents book you for the week (or month) before and you’re provided with the material to teach.


They also pay a good hourly rate for your time. On top of that, it’s also a lot of fun! You’ll feel like you’re making a difference and you’ll develop great relationships with children in China. A win-win for all involved.

So if you are looking for a side income with flexibility that you can do anywhere from your laptop, consider online teaching. The students are great, the pay is good and it’s fast and easy. You just teach and go.

How To Use This Website

This website is designed to be your resource for everything to do with online teaching and teaching abroad as it gives you the experience you need to be an ESL teacher. Our categories here are:

The second section you can dive into is the Teach and Go homepage. The homepage contains helpful links to all the various resources related to teaching English online.

Online Teaching Companies

Teach&Go has created a massive, curated directory of all the places to teach online as well as the best places to teach online. Check it out here

How Do You Actually Teach Online?

Wondering how you actually teach online, get students and if this whole online teaching thing is for you? We created a helpful how to teach English online starter guide.

I hope you find TeachandGo.com helpful. If you have any question, please use the contact page to reach out to us with questions, comments, suggestions or partnerships.


David Utke

Founder, TeachandGo.com