Teach English Online With NO Degree Using These 5 Companies

Most online teaching companies require a bachelors degree as part of the application process. Why? Well it’s a standard legal requirement when teaching abroad. Be it Thailand, Vietnam, Korea of China. To teach abroad requires you to have a bachelors degree in order for you to obtain a work permit and work legally as a teacher in a foregin country.

Because online teaching companies are providing this service in a more convenient format does not mean that they are more lax with their requirements. Parents still want there children to study with a teacher who has completed an acceptable level of formal education and also has some sort of experience teaching.

I know this whole credentialism is unfair to some degree; but it’s one way to decrease the pool of applicants because companies like VIPKID only end up hiring around 8% of those who apply. This is not to scare you of or anything. But if companies have a large pool of qualified teachers to pick from, there is no reason to hire teachers who have no degree or experience.

Teach English Online NO Degree

With that said, if you’re looking to teach English online without a degree there are the 5 companies you can check out:

  • Cambly
  • SayABC
  • HI Talk from HuiJang
  • Palfish
  • Landi


Cambly markets themselves as an app where students can learn with a native English speaker whenever they want, where ever they want. As the teacher, you’re require to use your laptop to conduct class but your students will be on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

The way Cambly works is that students buy different packages to have conversations with native English speakers. These packages can be as little as 15 minutes per day up to 120 minutes per day. With the goal of speaking like a native speaker.

As a teacher, it’s ideal as a side gig. The amount of of work is too unreliable and the pay per hour too little to make a go of it full time. But if you’re a college student for example and are looking for something where you could make an extra $100 a week, Cambly is perfect for you.


Are you currently a university student in your last year? You can apply to work with SayABC. This is the sole reason why they’re on this list. They do require you to have a bachelors degree and would prefer you had some teaching experience. But if you’re in your last year of university SayABC would love to hear from you.

What can you expect from SayABC?  They pay a base rate of $15 per 40 minute class and $21 per hour for their major courses. At SayABC you will have group classes and trial class where you can receive a bonus for teaching. SayABC also has trial classes that you can sign up for with short notice, allowing you to teach last minute if your schedule opens up for whatever reason.

Classes are scheduled by the company a week in advanced based on your availability. SayABC are a popular company to teach English online with. The classes are for 40 minutes where you will be teaching one to 4 students who are aged between 5 and 12 years old.

The pay is $15 an hour as well as an additional $6 bonus based on performance. From interviewing current SayABC teachers, the bonus is obtained by simply doing your job well and not missing or cancelling any classes.

If you want to checkout SayABC you can do so here.

Hi Talk From HuiJang

Hi Talk is a platform where you teach adult students 1 on 1. They don’t currently require a degree. They are a small company and are not always hiring. Teachers have mixed reviews. The most consistent complain were the numerous grammar mistakes on the teaching slides as well as concepts that being translated for a Chinese audience may not make sense. An example would be the calling the Bible the “greatest” book ever written because it’s a transliteration from what it’s known in English.

You can checkout the reviews for Hi Talk here.


Palfish is unique in that you teach from your phone or tablet. Palfish is actually an app you download and then apply through. Ideally you would want a tablet as that would make class more enjoyable for you as a teacher, but you could still use your phone with no issues.

Palfish was designed to connect prospective language learners with teachers via the app in a convenient format. I still prefer online teaching platforms, but mobile apps work as long as the lesson is structured with specific goals.

Palfish has regular teachers and official Palfish teachers. Regular teachers can be both native and non-native English speakers. If you’re curious about learning how to apply you can check out the requirements here. If you wish to apply simply download the Palfish app to your phone to begin the process.


Landi English is a platform where you teach young learners 1 on 1 in an online classroom. They require a minimum of 12 hours per week. If you’re not able to meet this requirement don’t work for them as they are quite strict with teachers missing class for any reason and won’t hesitate to terminate you.

They also offer competitive bonuses for things like being on time, maintaining a high rating, not canceling class. If Landi English sounds like something you would be interested in, you can check them out here.

Conclusion – Teach Online with No Degree

It’s difficult finding online teaching companies that hire prospective teachers with no degree.  Only a handful of companies do it. The main reason behind this policy is multi-faceted. If they allow anyone to apply, they will be bombarded with applications of truly unqualified teachers. Making it difficult to hire quality teachers. This leads me to my second point. A company is built by its teacher base. If a platform provides a low quality experience for students, those students and their parents will start to look elsewhere to learn English.

When you find an opportunity to teach English online without a degree, jump on it because companies that need teachers will drop the degree requirement in order to attract teachers. Once they have enough to meet the demand of their client base that can then become a bit more picky with whom they hire (i.e. they can the start requiring teachers to have a bachelors degree)