VIPKID Pay Structure Explained For Potential Teachers

Looking to get started with VIPKID? They are our #1 online teaching company and for good reason. Good pay, excellent platform and great students.

If you’re looking for a fun side gig you can do for a few hours in the morning you can’t go wrong with getting setup hired by VIPKID. They have an interesting pay structure so it’s not as clear cut as getting a certain amount per hour.

You need to factor in bonus pay as well as how many classes you teach.

How much does VIPKID Pay?

Let’s cover how much VIPKID pays their teachers. The pay is broken up into a few areas we need to cover:

  • Base pay
  • Performance bonus
  • Trail class conversion bonus
  • Referral bonus

Base pay for VIPKID

VIPKID’s base pay is $7-9 per class. A class is 25 minutes long so you can teach 2 classes in 1 hour. Most qualified teachers who have relevant experience and perform well in the interview will start at $8 an hour.

Teachers who may not has the same level of experience or who simply don’t perform well in the interview may be given a starting rate of $7 an hour or $7.50 an hour.

No teacher starts at above $8 an hour. To get a raise with VIPKID is a straight forward process. You need to be a teacher for at least 1 year. On your 3rd contract you become eligible for a raise. See our guide on how to qualify for a raise.

Performance bonus

Next, VIPKID incorporates a performance bonuses into your pay. For most teachers you can expect to get a $2 bonus per class as a teacher. Bringing your hourly pay up by $2 given whatever your base rate is. With VIPKID you get a completion bonus and a finished class bonus:

Completion bonus – $1 per class

All teachers get a $1 per class completion bonus. To get this bonus you simply need to teach and complete class.

Finished class bonus – $1 per class if 45 or more classes are completed

All teachers get a $1 bonus per class if they teach more than 45 classes a month. If you teach less than 45 classes, you will not get this bonus.

Short Notice – $2 per class bonus

VIPKID gives teachers a $2 per class short notice bonus. If you open a time slot within a 24 hour time period and a parent books you, you get $2 bonus for that class. Even if the student ends up canceling.

Canceled Class Pay – 100% pay for students, 50% for trial students

VIPKID pays you for any canceled classes. For students who cancel in less than 24 hours or are a no-show, you get 100% pay for the class. For trial classes you get 50%. If the canceled class was trial class and it was short notice, you still get the $2 short notice bonus (so 50% base pay +$2).

Average teacher pay

For an average teacher getting an $8 per class base rate, this becomes $16 an hour. Add in the $2 bonus per class, your average VIPKID teacher is making $20 an hour.

If the teacher is aggressive with short notice classes, this base pay jumps to $24 an hour due to the $2 per class short notice bonus. This is why in the VIPKID marketing material you set “make $20-25 an hour” because what you make depends on what you teach and how much .

Most teachers are getting $20 an hour, but sometimes if they do short notice classes they’re getting $24 an hour.

Trial class conversion – $5 bonus

As with all online teaching companies, VIPKID offers potential student the opportunity to take a few trial classes before signing up. You have no control over trial class bookings. Parents book you, but if you do get trial classes and convert the student to sign up to VIPKID you will get a $5 bonus.

Referral Bonus – $100 Per new Teacher

Referrals are where you refer a new teacher. If someone signs up through your link, passes the interview process and teaches at least 1 class you will get a $100 referral bonus. If you refer a certain amount of teachers, you will get an additional bonus. For example, if you refer 5 teachers, you will get $500 and a $200 bonus:

Referral bonus pay

While this may seem amazingly lucrative, referrals are tough make any sort of money. VIPKID has high standards and most potential teachers fail to complete the on-boarding process or just out right fail.

With the requirements to have teaching experience, a bachelors degree and a TEFL (or willingness to get a TEFL). It’s just flat out hard to find qualified people.

But referrals are an aspect to potentially make a little bit extra each month on top your pay for teaching. See our guide about online teacher referrals.

VIPKID Pay Structure Conclusion

So that is VIPKID’s pay structure. An average teacher getting $8 an hour who teaches 20 hours per week can expect to get around $1,600 to $2,000 a month depending on bonuses. If you’ve not yet started your VIPKID journey, why not get started now? It’s a great way to make 1k on the side with ease.


Make $20-24 an hour teaching online from home. Americans and Canadians only.