6 Helpful Whiteboards for Teachers

As an online teacher (and many of us ESL teachers abroad) one of the most useful and helpful props to use in your classroom is a whiteboard. With a whiteboard you can illustrate examples, use it as a reward system and demonstrate more complex teaching topics.

So whether you’re a teacher or a self employed creative type looking for a high quality white board for your home office or an online teacher working with VIPKID and the like, this whiteboard buying guide will help you make the right purchase decision.

You have a lot of options for buying a whiteboard. Which whiteboard is best for you will come down to what you specifically need and want to do. Whiteboards can be small items that you can pack into a backpack or a tote bag, or they can be large rolling whiteboards perfect for a home office or a classroom.

Small and Light

Small whiteboards are ideal if you’re looking to be a bit more mobile and are wanting to teach from apartments as you travel. They are also fun to use as a hand held item to demonstrate different concepts (like prepositions for example) and to use as a reward system.

Small whiteboard, are of course is not ideal for everyone. That’s why we suggest a free standing easel style whiteboard or a medium sized whiteboard that can be mounted onto a wall.

Easy to Mount on a Wall

If you’re not looking for the small, hand held type of white board, consider at least getting something that can hung on a wall with ease. A lot of small whiteboard actually can’t be hung on the wall as they are sometimes designed for children or a small business as a decoration.

A small white board you can hang up on the wall behind you is a great idea because you can write messages, use it as a reward system or just simply write your name on it to make your online class an inviting experience.

Mobile Whiteboard

Last, consider getting a mobile whiteboard with built in wheels. These types of whiteboards are perfect for a home office or an online classroom in your house. Being able push around a whiteboard instead of hanging it up has a lot of obvious advantages.

You can change the position of the whiteboard in your classroom and you can move and store the whiteboard when not in use.

Whiteboard Buying Guide – Our 6 Favorites

A whiteboard is an essential item for any teacher and it’s something that is particularly useful for any home office as well. Here are Teach and GO’s 7 favorite whiteboards:

  • Ultra-slim Magnetic Dry Erase Board
  • Easel White Board
  • Magnetic 11 x 14 Whiteboard
  • Maxtek Mobile Dry Erase Board
  • Yaze Magnet Whiteboard
  • Navy Penguin Whiteboard

Ultra Slim Magnetic White Board – The Overall Best White Board

Best, no frills whiteboard

For most teachers, this is our favorite whiteboard. Particularly for an online class or a home office. It’s big, but not too big. You’re able to hold this white board and draw on it with ease, demonstrating topics to students. It also comes with the ability to hang on a wall.

This ultra slim whiteboard comes with a tray, eraser, pen and two magnets. If you’re looking for the overall best white board for teachers, this is it.


  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Easy to hang on a wall.
  • Magnetic so you can stick paper on this thing too.


  • If you’re looking for something you can travel with, this is going to be a bit too big.

Easel Whiteboard – The best standing whiteboard

Click the image to learn more about the specs of this whiteboard.

This is another excellent option for an online classroom. If you’ve been looking for a standing whiteboard for your online class or home office this easel whiteboard is fantastic because it’s not to big and won’t dominate your background in an intrusive way.

It’s also great for teachers who don’t have a wall right up behind them or for anyone with home office or a play room for a child. This easel whiteboard is sturdy, lightweight, comes with a lot of helpful accessories and is built to last.

It’s a dry erase whiteboard that makes drawing and demonstrating concepts on it a simple process. For work or play, if you’re in need of a medium sized, flexible whiteboard this is a great choice.


  • Vertical orientation.
  • Free standing.
  • Light weight and easy to move.


  • Again, not ideal for teachers looking to be a bit more mobile.
  • Angle is fixed, so don’t expect the whiteboard to tilt.
  • No wheels. This thing stands on a tripod mount.

11 x 14 Whiteboard – The Best Small Whiteboard

Generic whiteboard

At 11 x 14 inches, this thing is small, handheld and portable. This my whiteboard of choice as I like to hand hold my whiteboard during my online class and use it to specifically demonstrate concepts or to use it as a reward system.

Myself and the team here like this little whiteboard so much it made our list of essential online teaching props.

This small whiteboard is slim and small enough to throw into a backpack or with your luggage. Allowing you to teach and go with ease. If you find yourself needing to teach on vacation, having a tiny whiteboard like this will be essential.


  • Small and lightweight. This thing is not a burden to carry.
  • Magnetic as well so you can use magnets as a reward system or spell out your name.
  • It’s portable. If you’re looking for an on the go whiteboard this is a great choice.


  • The small size while it’s selling point, may be an issue for other teachers with a home office.
  • The quality could be improved on this. Cheaply made but again it’s your generic whiteboard.
  • Designed to be put on a fridge, so it could be a bit annoying trying to hang on a standard wall behind you.

Maxtek Mobile – Professional Easel Whiteboard

Easel whiteboard with wheels and flip board paper

Want something like the easel whiteboard, only a step up in terms of usability and quality? This whiteboard comes with your standard dry erase whiteboard with markers and an eraser as well as flip board paper to write on with associated movable clips to hold it.

At the bottom of this whiteboard are wheels to make this thing mobile when in your home office or classroom. If also has a place to hold markers and the erase that comes with it.


  • Easy to assemble. Just a simple process of inserting the whiteboard into the base.
  • Wheels to make it mobile when in your office or classroom.
  • Three types of markers included – blue, red and black.
  • Free standing.


  • The whiteboard itself is not adjustable in terms of it’s angle.

Yaze Magnet Whiteboard – Best Small Hanging Whiteboard

Made for cubicles, perfect for teachers. Click to learn more about this whiteboard.

This whiteboard is designed to be hung in cubicle. But because of that design, it’s actually perfect for a lot of online teachers who want a whiteboard, but not this big massive whiteboard that will dominate the whole online class. Just something small that can be hung up behind you.

This is that whiteboard. Good quality, comes with markers, magnetic, easy to hang and is easy to maintain.


  • Magnets work great on this.
  • Easy to hang and quite portable.
  • Markers write clean and come off with ease.


  • Magnets for tiny boards like this could be stronger.
  • It’s also a pretty plain looking whiteboard. I prefer the design of the 11 x 14 whiteboard.

Navy Penguin Whiteboard – Best Larger Hanging Whiteboard

24 inches x 18 inches. Larger than it looks.

This whiteboard is simply a larger version of the Yaze magnet whiteboard. Two different manufacturers though of course. This larger whiteboard is quite practical for almost any online class or home office. It is a bit on the larger side so don’t expect to take this with you and teach online while you’re on vacation.

This whiteboard is built to last to. Light weight, sturdy and build out of aluminum. It comes with your standard pack of two markers, two happy faced magnets an eraser and a built in tray that you can flip up and down.


  • Large, sturdy whiteboard for multiple uses.
  • Come with everything you need to mount it on a wall.
  • Quality built. This whiteboard is made to last.


  • Large! Know what you’re buying. If you need small, this whiteboard is not it.

Teach and Go’s Whiteboard Buying Guide Conclusion

As we started off, you have a lot of options for buying a whiteboard for your online class or home office. Depending on how you teach will dictate what option is best. A small hand held white board that is portable. A small whiteboard that is designed to mount on a wall, an easel style whiteboard you can have next to you or a large full on whiteboard you can hang on the wall.

At a minimum, every teacher should have a small whiteboard. They just come in so handy, particularly for online teaching because you can use it in so many different ways than you anticipate. Not only can you write on a whiteboard and use it as a reward system, a small whiteboard can be used to demonstrate concepts and be used as a general prop. For in person, in class whiteboards then checkout our smartboard review guide for the best, feature rich whiteboards for schools.