7 Useful Messenger Bags For Male Teachers

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Most teachers are female, and for the female teachers out there we have a dedicated guide on the best teacher tote bags. But for male teachers, most men want to go with either a backpack made for a teacher or a shoulder bag.

Shoulder bag vs messenger bag vs laptop bag

To be honest these three words are used interchangeably by most to mean the same thing. In practice a messenger bag is a bit bigger and is more akin to a backpack with a shoulder strap. Some messenger bags are quite large, others are designed in a more compact fashion.

A shoulder bag by comparison is a bit smaller and is more designed more for day travel and everyday use. Most shoulder bags are designed for travel related use as an over the shoulder strap with pockets.

Last are laptop bags. Laptop bags are messenger bags, but as laptops have grown in popularity over the years no one would want a messenger bag that could not also double as a carrying case for a laptop.

So what should you look for in a messenger bag as a male teacher?

Professional design

An unprofessional design is typically a non issue with most messenger bags. They are often designed to carry a laptop, folders, books and work related material. Most are designed with a working professional in mind unlike messenger bags which can often be a bit too casual.

Size and Weight

Most of us already have a backpack, so we want something that is a bit smaller and easier to carry on a day to day basis. You’re going to want something smaller, lighter and less bulkier because a backpack is not always required.

The key aspect that makes a messenger bag so helpful is that it won’t make your back sweat as you’re walking around. The right messenger bag can also allow you to put a pair of headphones in, a laptop, and some work related material.

This is why men (and women too) love using shoulder bags. Great design, matches well with most outfits and is designed to carry only your teaching essentials. It’s also a good idea to get a shoulder bag that is big enough to carry all your stuff but not too big and heavy. You don’t want to tire out your shoulder from a heavy shoulder bag.


Shoulder bags are going to become your go to carrying option once you get the right one. With a smaller size, lighter and not having to worry about your back sweating and ruining your shirt; a shoulder bag is convenient way to carry all your teaching related material with ease.

7 Useful Shoulder Bags For Male Teachers

So here are Teach and GO‘s 7 favorite shoulder bags for male teachers. Each of these bags fit our requirements for what a teacher would want in a bag. Big enough for a laptop and a few items, professional design to match with business attire but still cool enough to mix in with a casual outfit and something that is built to last:

  • Amazon Basics Messenger Bag
  • Komal Leather Messenger Bag
  • Emissary Laptop Bag
  • DHK Vintage Leather Messenger
  • Ytonet Travel Briefcase
  • Kroser Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag
  • Samsonite premium messenger bag

Amazon Basics Messenger Bag – The Simple Budget option

Basic black. See on Amazon.

Amazon makes a messenger bag and a pretty good one too. This bag tops the list because it’s a generic, broad appealing messenger bag from a brand you can trust. If you’re looking for a no frills bag to use for work or play consider the Amazon Basics messenger bag.

It’s designed for a 15.6 inch laptop or smaller (no 17 inch laptops as they are too big) and comes with two compartments and a strap. So you can keep your laptop in one section and papers or folders in the other.


  • A quality messenger bag designed for work.
  • Two compartments for storage.
  • A good size for a messenger bag. Not too big, not too small.


  • Durability is an issue. Not to say it will break or anything, but the material will fade in color over a few years.

Komal Leather Messenger Bag – They will fight over it when you’re dead

Stunning leather bag. On Amazon now.

This messenger bag is a premium leather messenger bag. It comes in different colors, is on the larger side and is a perfect style for both work and play. If you’re looking for a masculine messenger bag designed to carry lot’s of items this bag is a solid choice.

It fit’s up to a 15.6 inch laptop, has a lot of pockets and internal storage as well as a phone pocket so you can organize your teaching gear quickly and easily. With a shoulder strap and a top handle, this rugged leather bag is perfect for someone who want’s a high quality messenger bag for years to come.


  • Durable material.
  • Excellent storage layout.
  • Flexible design for work and play.


  • It’s 100% leather. If you’re against leather products don’t buy this.

Emissary Laptop Bag – The budget friendly leather bag

Beige bag for work.

The Emissary laptop bag is a simple leather messenger bag designed for work. It has the right look for an office setting, it’s comfortable to carry and it has enough storage to carry all your work related material with ease.

If you need a simple messenger bag for a laptop and some folders but don’t want to get a basic black messenger bag then this option is a great choice.


  • Comfortable design
  • A nice alternative to black laptop bags


  • The internal pockets don’t have zippers.

DHK Vintage Leather Messenger – The cool laptop bag

Classic, rugged design for a man. Check it out on Amazon.

The DHK is simply a premium messenger bag that your friends will be jealous of you having. This bag makes the list because it’s an impressive looking messenger bag. Straight out of a western movie, this bag is ideal for anyone looking for a laptop bag that has a unique appeal.

If you need a large laptop/messenger bag for this thing is a great choice. It’s quite large and can easily fit a 15.6 inch laptop, a tablet, books and folders with ease. It also has a lot of pockets and zippers.


  • It’s a large, premium looking messenger bag.
  • Ample storage and designed for the self employed working professional.


  • The design is great for casual use more than office related work.

Ytonet Travel Briefcase – Best for 17 inch laptops

Basic black for large laptops and working professionals.

Have a larger laptop but don’t want some overly expensive or complicated messenger bag? Perhaps you just want a larger, budget friendly messenger bag?The Ytonet travel briefcase is perfect for you then.

This laptop bag is big and is designed for large 17 inch laptops. Even though the popularity of this size has waned over the years, this messenger bag is a professional briefcase for the busy teacher or any working professional who is wanting a backpack alternative.


  • Large, lot’s of storage.
  • Water resistant and expandable in size


  • More of a briefcase than a traditional messenger bag.
  • The design of this is perfect for work but it’s not ideal for casual use.

Kroser Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag – Work and travel

Big laptop bag for travel primarily.

This bag is amazing given all the features and design it comes with. With a comfy shoulder strap to making long treks to the office or classroom easy, this messenger bag part laptop bag is perfect for the traveler, teacher or working professional in all of us.

It’s water resistant but most helpful of all for travel is that is has RFID pockets. This means when you’re out and about your credit cards are protected from scan theft. Ideally you should be using an RFID wallet but if you can feel secure putting sensitive items like a credit card or passport in this bag.


  • RFID pockets, perfect for traveling
  • Comes with a luggage belt to go along with your carry on.
  • Perfect size for a 15.6 inch laptop, books and documents.


  • Designed to pack up nicely. If you’re needing to get things out and put thing in the bag easily this bag can be annoying.

Samsonite Messenger Bag – Business Casual

Your bosses laptop bag. See it on Amazon.

This bag is perfect for your 40 something working professional. It has classic, masculine design that will match any work out fit or casual outfit with ease. While it’s not the right fit for everyone, if you’re a collared shirt kind of guy this is your bag.

This messenger bag is large and can easily fit a 15.6 inch laptop (but not bigger), books, cables and headphones with ease. This is a premium leather bag so don’t expect any bells or whistles with this. It’s a premium designed messenger bag for working professionals.


  • Classic design that gets the job done if you’re looking for a premium messenger bag.
  • Good storage and internal layout for your work related items for teaching.


  • Made of leather. If you’re against products made of leather don’t buy this bag.

Best Messenger Bags for Teachers

So that is it for Teach and GO’s guide to the best messenger bags for teachers. We like all the items on this list for different reasons. Price, quality, size. Every man has different needs. If you found this guide helpful consider sharing it.

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