Why Online Teaching is the Best Stay at Home Mom Job

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This is a guest post by Ruby Cortez – an online teacher with VIPKID who makes over $2,500 a month teaching online!

I seriously love VIPKID. It’s given me something I would not have had even 5 years ago. Choice.

Having a 6 month old as a woman you become faced with a difficult decision. Do I go back to work where most of what I earn goes to child care or do I figure out a way to transform myself from a stay at home mom to a work at home mom?

It seemed crazy to go back to work honestly. I would simply be working to make money to have someone else raise my daughter. But at the same time, we live in a country where it’s pretty difficult to get by on simply one income.

The best stay at home job: Teaching English Online!

This is how I found VIPKID. I started searching Google and YouTube for the “best stay at home mom jobs”. There are tons of posts out there that talk about all these random ways to make extra money as a stay at home parent but none of them are practical. Get on Ebay and sell stuff? Really? Become a data analysis or marketing analysis? What?

I needed something I can do NOW, not something I need to train for that I could maybe do in two years time or something where I would need to beg an plead with my employer to let me do from home.

I also needed something that would be reliable and consistent week to week and pay more that $8 an hour. I’m an adult with a kid, not a kid myself!

VIPKID checked all those boxes for me and made it easy to quit my corporate job where I was working in accounts payable. I taught English in Thailand when I was younger so while I’m not a teacher by trade, I have the experience and a TEFL certificate online teaching companies love.

It took about a month for me to complete the interview process and I started off doing 12 hours a week with a 6 month old. Now my daughter is older and I’m able to really able to get the hours each week and a nice paycheck through referrals and short notice classes.

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Best of all, I can work from home and raise my daughter while making money for our family. Here are some reasons why I love teaching English online!

1 – You Can Really Work From Home on YOUR Terms

VIPKID and other online teaching companies are the real deal. You can make thousands of dollars a month teaching English from home on a schedule that works for you.

What I love is that I can set my own schedule as a work at home mom week to week. If I want to do 25 hours one week then 12 hours the next week I can. With VIPKID I work mornings and evenings. My days free to spend with my daughter.

I typically work evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then a few hours in the morning during the week while my husband is home so he can look after our daughter if need be.

If you already have school age kids then you’re in luck because you could easily do 20+ hours a week as your kids will be off to school.

2 – Enjoy The Day and Take Advantage of Your Stay at Home Mom Job

The thing I love about VIPKID is that I’m free during the day to do whatever I want. I made the mistake of getting into this routine of just staying home with the kids, watching YouTube and not being very productive. Instead, make the effort to make some “me time” because you deserve it.

Wearing multiple hats as a mom, wife and work at home mom can get draining. Make sure to do fun activities with your kids during the day and for you yourself to get out of the house and enjoy the actual day where other people are stuck in their cubicles.

  • Go to a gym
  • Go to a cafe
  • Take the kids to a park
  • See a movie
  • Join a supportive group of other work at home moms

Don’t be a one dimensional person. You can be that awesome mom, that awesome online teacher and you don’t have to limit yourself to ONLY being a teacher and a mom.

3 – You have time to pursue other projects and not put all your eggs in one basket

I’m currently writing a Kindle ebook about my experiences parenting and being an online teacher. My goal is to write 10 Kindle ebooks and over time create a passive income source for myself and my family and you know what? I can.

With VIPKID I actually have the time and the energy to work on other passion projects that can help diversify my online income. At my old accounts payable job I was always too tired to have any energy to do anything one I got home.

I also had no time. by 7:20 am I was in the car and off to work. I would not get home until about 6 pm.

While I was making more money with this full time job I had no time to do anything else. Now I have child and my husband works full time. It makes more sense for our family for me to stay at home and raise our daughter instead of spending money on child care.

Because of VIPKID I can still contribute an income to support our family and I have time to work on other income sources.

Another good idea would be to perhaps start a blog. I have a good friend who started a mommy blog and is able to make money online by blogging about parenting. Granted it’s not a full time income for her by any means. But she writes about a topic she is passionate about and her blog makes her money through ads and selling products.

I’m still sticking to my Kindle idea 🙂

I like the tangible concept of creating things for sale.

4 – Learn how taxes work

The biggest change for me though was learning how self employment tax works. As an employee I was used to my employer taking out US taxes and social security. Now as a VIPKID teacher I’m an independent contractor and am required to pay my own taxes every year.

For any of my fellow United States based stay at home/ work at home moms just remember to set aside 15% of your income each year as this is the amount you will be required to pay. Also don’t forget you can now use deductions for things like your internet bill, laptop and any equipment you need for teaching online!

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5 – Sometimes You Need Help and That’s Ok

Being an online English teacher, a work at home mom with a beautiful daughter (and another one on the way), writing ebooks and what not it can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes we try to have it all and do it all and are afraid to ask for help.

Ask for help when you need it. I’m letting you know it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and sometimes you just want me time.

Since I work evenings on the weekends usually I sometimes want a few hours out with my husband and just my husband to help us reconnect and keep our relationship strong. To do this I would have my mother watch our daughter for a bit so me and my husband can go out for a date night (more like afternoon date actually!) and I find that it really helps our relationship.

Work and kids is a lot and sometimes you simply need a few hours to take a break from it all. Don’t feel guilty and good luck at figuring out your own path to be a stay at home mom and a work at home mom.


We just want to thank Ruby for this excellent post on her experiences of balancing life as a mother and VIPKID teacher. If you’re looking for the best stay at home mom job I highly suggest online teaching myself. How do you get started? Well you can learn more about VIPKID here and how you teach English online here to see if this sort of thing is a good fit.

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