VIPKID WOW Online School for American Students Explained

By Editorial Staff •  Updated: 10/30/20 •  Teach Online

VIPKID, has recently launched a competitor program to Outschool called WOW Online School. What is WOW exactly? It’s an online school directed at American students aged 3 to 18 who can enroll in a wide range of interesting courses designed and taught by VIPKID teachers.

The way WOW currently works is that select teachers from VIPKID were given an invite to become WOW teachers. Not everyone got an invite email, but those that did are now able to get started planning and outlining potential courses that students can enroll into on the WOW online school platform.

What can you teach at Wow Online School?

Currently, the core focus of Wow is building out courses on English, STEM, 2nd language learning and computer and programming skills. Simply decide on the course topic you want to teach then submit a course outline via the “imagination” center (an internal portal within Wow Online School).

As a potential Wow teacher you can also submit a course outline for any subject you have competency over. Simply reach out to the VIPKID education team to submit your idea.

How are classes taught and managed?

Classes for VIPKID use a proprietary app where both students and teachers conduct class. For Wow Online School courses however, they will be conducted over Zoom and Way me.

In addition, the course material on Wow Online School will be created by you the teacher. Once you submit your course outline, VIPKID will review your course and either approve it or give feedback on how best to improve it. Worst case, they scrape your idea all together.

Once your course is approved, they will use their marketing budget to promote your course as a way to get pre-bookings. Once your course has accumulated enough pre-bookings and guaranteed sales you’ll be required to then create and submit the lesson slides.

Finally, the course you create will be incorporated in the WOW online learning platform.

When do you teach?

The time for US based teachers is evenings and weekends. For Monday to Friday, expect enrollments between 6 PM and 10 PM central standard time and on the weekend enrollment times will be 9 AM to 10 PM.

How much can Wow Online School teachers make?

Like Outschool, you’re free to price the class whatever you want as it’s your course. In addition VIPKID will take a 20% commission on sales as opposed to Outschool’s 30% cut.

Passive Income for Teachers

Last, there is an opportunity to make passive income with Wow Online School. If you’re unable to teach the class you create or eventually you don’t want to teach class anymore you are able to permit other teachers to use your material.

This is a win-win because there are many teachers who like the idea of teaching on Fiverr or iTalki but are simply not motivated to create and develop their own course outline, material and slides.

By permitting other teachers to use your material, it provides you with a form of passive income (you’ll get a percentage of the sale) and a way for other teachers to get started teaching effectively on the Wow Online School platform with a proven course outline.

Who owns the intellectual property?

One concern among online teachers is who exactly own the intellectual property when you create and submit a course outline to Wow. To be honest, it’s still unclear and the team here at Teach and GO will update this as more is learned.

A lot of teachers simply assume that they own the rights to their course that they submit but Wow Online School could use a non-compete clause when submitting material. That means you can’t turn around and take your course over to Outschool.

As Wow is still new, it’s unclear how things will pan out long term. As VIPKID has a long track record of success and support for their teachers, I would be aggressive about taking advantage of this opportunity if you were one of the many VIPKID teachers who got an invite to join Wow Online School.

VIPKID WOW Conclusion

VIPKID is directly looking to compete against Outschool. As Outschool has become a more attractive and profitable alternative to VIPKID for quality, motivated teachers. It only makes sense to provide a way for these outstanding VIPKID teachers to leverage their experience and knowledge while earning a higher hourly rate than what VIPKID currently pays.

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