13 Best Bookshelves for Your Classroom

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When it comes to equipping your classroom with the best bookshelves, it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, finding the ideal shelving solution for every learning environment requires a bit of consideration and research. From getting something for your classroom library, to an organization unit for your students, we got you covered.

This buying guide outlines all of the elements you need to consider when purchasing classroom bookshelves (after our recommendations). From understanding different materials and sizes, gauging cost per shelf value and making sure shelves are easy to use. We did our best to select a wide variety of options.

So, here are our top picks for storing books for your classroom, reading area and playroom.

1. Mobile Storage Cabinet – Best small bookshelf for class

The ECR4Kids Birch 5-Section School Classroom Storage Cabinet is an exceptional choice for classroom storage. Made of high-quality and eco-friendly birch plywood, this cabinet is durable, rot-resistant, and strong.

It features five compartments that measure 12 inches deep, perfect for storing books, blocks, and other supplies at an easy-to-reach height. The cabinet is also equipped with optional heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. It’s easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution or with your favorite bleach-free disinfectant wipe.

Overall we found this to be a solid piece of educational furniture that is built to last and perfect for storing both books, toys and board games.

2.  Single-Sided Book Display – Ideal for a classroom library for young learners

Ignite a love for reading in your students with the ECR4Kids Single-Sided Book Display. As a teacher, you are aware of the necessity to foster literacy among young children and this book stand is an ideal way to do it. With its expanding tiers that give access to different books, this shelf allows you both to stay organized while introducing diverse literature topics as a way to create a consistent reading habit among your students,

The forward-facing shelves provide plenty of storage space. The tiered design makes it easy for kids to see their favorite stories, while its low height encourages them to pick out books independently. Constructed from sustainably harvested birch plywood with a strong UV lacquer sealing, this functional storage rack is designed for long-lasting use and won’t yellow over time.

3. Humble Crew – Rack shelf storage

Keep your child’s books safe and organized with the Humble Crew Kids Bookshelf 4 Tier Book Organizer. This beautiful, natural wood bookcase is designed to display books for easy recognition, so it’s effortless for kids to find their favorite stories quickly.

What’s more, four deep fabric pockets in white allow you to store various kinds of magazines and activity books. From big picture books to coloring ones; this versatile storage solution will help keep your classroom organized.

This bookshelf has been crafted with sturdy engineered wood construction, making it both easy to assemble and clean. All the necessary hardware is included too so you can get started right away. The dimensions upon assembly are 25″W x 11″D x 24″H. With its contemporary design, this piece will seamlessly integrate into any preschool to grade 1 class with ease.

4. Tidy Books Kids Bookshelf – Best for any age 10 and under

Need to stimulate your child’s reading habits and minimize their time in front of screens? The innovative design of the Tidy Books Kids Bookshelf is a stylish book display shelf that has won multiple awards for its attractive aesthetic that will draw children’s attention, making it easier for them to select and store books on their own. Plus, this unique front-facing bookshelf creates a captivating atmosphere for your little one’s special reading spot.

Constructed with durability and safety in mind, this book display is the perfect choice for libraries or classrooms. Made of solid wood and tested to meet stringent standards, it can be securely affixed to a wall without fear that it will bend under the weight of its cargo like many canvas alternatives. It boasts 85 separate storage slots capable of accommodating picture books in an array of sizes and shapes, while panels keep them secure from slipping out the back.

5. Sagler Kids Bookshelf – Best for Kindergarten

If you’re looking for the perfect place to store your toddler’s books, the Sagler kids book rack is a great solution. With pockets that showcase their favorite bedtime stories with covers facing forward, it makes selecting and finding new reads fun for young children.

With deep fabric sleeves, this bookshelf can comfortably fit books of any size. Not only that, but this shelf is designed in such an ergonomic way to make access easy. In addition, its made of durable wood materials so it’ll last for years to come while looking great. This book organizer is perfect for a bedroom or a kindergarten class.

6. Metal Kids Bookshelf – A good book and storage unit combination

The stepped design of this children’s bookshelf allows your students to quickly get their desired book, while also ensuring a sturdy construction for long-lasting stability.

When it comes to bookshelves, you’ve got two options with this item. Choose from two widths, 24.4 inches or 32.3 inches depending on the space of the size of your room or area that needs organizing. Plus, you can also choose between pink and white, whichever color suites your classroom best.

Last, this bookshelf is incredibly versatile and can be used to store all sorts of items, from children’s books and toys to newspapers and magazines. As it can fit in any room from a living room, bedroom or classroom. This useful piece of furniture offers a wide range of possibilities for organization.

7. Aheaplus Toy Storage Organizer – Perfect for preschool classrooms

This toy storage/book bin is made from strong and reliable P2 MDF board for long-lasting use. The minimalist white painted finish gives off a modern feel that can effortlessly blend into different interior designs, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love. With its ergonomic height, it’s perfect for students in preschool because it makes it easier for them to independently organize their toys and books in one place.

This multi-bin storage unit offers an abundance of space for books, toys, art supplies and more with two upper cubbies plus a roomy storage bin. It also features a top shelf that is ideal for displaying attractive items like picture frames, alarm clocks or plants.

8. Pachira Organizer Bookcase – Wooden storage unit

This high-grade particleboard construction is both effortless to clean and highly durable, proving a dependable service life. The material itself is dense, hefty and strong, with an even weight distribution that prevents it from being easily tipped over.

Each cube measures 11″x11″x11″, safely holding up to 11 pounds per cube. The table top can bear up to 50 pounds without any issue as well. In addition, the cubed structure guarantees complete stability for your peace of mind. No need to worry about wobbling.

9. Seirlone Kids Book Rack – Boxes, toys and books organizer

Crafted with care, the Natural Eco-Friendly Kids Bookshelf is made of solid melamine MDF to protect your child from any chemical harm. Hand polished and rounded at every corner for extra tenderness, this bookshelf provides ultimate safety while adding an aesthetic touch to your classroom.

This bookshelf offers maximum storage capacity and longevity with its 5-layer design. Featuring 4 levels of canvas slings for books, 2 spacious bins at the bottom, and wear-resistant cotton linen material that can hold heavy items without fear of tearing apart; this shelf is built to last.

This bookshelf/ book rack is built with safety in mind and stands firmly with a wall anchor to stop it from tipping over as well.

10. Hosmat 9-Cube DIY – The adjustable bookshelf option

Versatile and robust, this 9 cube metal bookshelf is an ideal storage solution for bulky books and other items. Constructed from resilient metal, it can bear up to hefty loads without toppling over. And that’s not all, its shelves can be stacked in a variety of ways, allowing you to organize your collection of classroom books.

Not only does metal offer a chic and modern look that can blend in with any decor style, but it is also simple to clean and maintain, the perfect addition for any large classroom. If you’re short on space and need the flexibility to adjust shelves as needed, a metal bookshelf is an ideal storage solution.

11. Delta Children “My Size” – A playroom bookshelf

The Delta bookshelf is the ideal balance between a stylish and functional storage system, making it perfect for any child-oriented space be it playrooms, classrooms, or bedrooms.

With its classic design that is available in three classic colors; it is easy to match this item up with room decor seamlessly. Also, it is made of 100% non-toxic materials to guarantee safety when children are around.

This bookshelf stands out with its low height, making it easily reachable by children. Its design enables kids to select their own favorite stories without needing support from adults. This encourages independent reading and will help young students build a sense of responsibility for their books, creating an ideal setting to foster book ownership.

Crafted with sturdy construction and non-toxic materials as we previously mentioned, this ensures a safe and reliable product that will last you through years of use. Moreover, assembly is simple enough to be completed quickly.

Overall, the Delta bookshelf is a great option for anyone looking for a functional, stylish and safe storage solution for children’s books. With its low height design and classic colors, it is a great addition to any child reading area, playroom or classroom.

12. KidKraft Wooden Wall Storage Unit – Books, bins and toy storage.

The KidKraft Wall Storage Unit is the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom. This multifunctional piece of furniture will serve as both a bookshelf and toy storage, with 13 built-in compartments for all your child’s favorite belongings.

Not only that, but it also functions as a display cabinet showcasing trophies and pictures, making it an eye-catching focal point in the room. It can accommodate items including toys, stuffed animals, blankets and books.

Not only does this storage unit boast a classic wooden design it also comes with eight removable plastic bins for smaller toys and pieces. The angled divided containers at the bottom are specifically designed to be easy for little hands to reach into and grab whatever they need. Plus, by encouraging kids to clean up after playtime each day.

13. Bookcase with Reading Nook – Perfect for reading time

With an inviting design, sturdy construction and classic look, the KidKraft bookcase with reading nook has become a favorite choice among parents and teachers. It is just the right size to store both large storybooks as well as providing you a spot to sit and read to your class.

This beautiful bookcase offers the perfect combination of style and practicality, with a range of shelving and compartments designed to store books, toys or any other items. It’s a fun design for both you and your students to sit, read and relax. Use this for reading time or as a reward system for your students.

What to look for in a bookshelf storage unit for a classroom

There are a few important things to take into consideration when buying a bookshelf for a classroom or reading area.

Durability: Look for shelves made of sturdy materials that can withstand daily use and wear and tear. Also look for shelves that are made of safe material if your students are under grade 2.

Size: Make sure the shelves are the right size for your classroom and can accommodate all of the books you need to store. Bins are are also very helpful for storing additional items.

Adjustability: Adjustable shelves like the metal bookshelf allow you to customize your storage unit for a specific space.

Safety: Consider shelves with rounded edges and corners and units that can be attached to a wall directly so if your students climb on the bookshelf, it won’t topple over.

Bookshelves for classrooms conclusion

A bookshelf in the classroom is not only a great way to promote literacy, but also provide students with a sense of ownership and pride in their learning space. By having a dedicated shelf for their favorite books, students can feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and help take care of their own things.

It also allows teachers to see at a glance what genres or topics interest their students, so they can make more informed decisions about future lesson plans.

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