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Teaching Online or Abroad Requires a TEFL Certificate

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language and it’s extremely helpful at making you a more effective foreign language teacher. You can get your TEFL certificate online with ease or you can do a program abroad where you will also get job placement.

Getting a TEFL certificate will fundamentally make you a better teacher. It will also help you qualify for better online teaching jobs as well as help you start with a higher base pay as this is becoming an ever more important ESL requirement.

You have a lot of options. Most online teachers simply need a 120 TEFL to meet the employment requirements. Here is what we recommend:

My TEFL – The Standard for Online Teaching

My TEFL is the course that popular travel YouTuber Drew Binsky (now at 2 million subscribers) used when beginning his ESL journey by teaching English in Korea for two years.

My TEFL is affordable and widely recognized internationally and is perfect for anyone looking to teach online or abroad.


ACCET certified online courses. Upon completion you’ll be give a TEFL certificate. You need the 120 hour course or more for online teaching companies.

TEFL Academy – The Abroad and Online Option

What we really like about the TEFL Academy is that they offer both online TEFL courses as well as in person TEFL courses internationally. The reason you would want to do a course abroad is that programs typically come with job placement.

So it’s a great way to get started traveling and living abroad. You can complete your course and then get placed at a school. They also offer online programs like My TEFL.

TEFL Academy

Offering both online TEFL courses as well as in person courses abroad in countries like Spain and Thailand.

Full Circle – The Budget TEFL Option

TEFL programs are not too expensive if you do them online. In general expect to spend a few hundred dollars to get certificate. But we know that for some teachers this price point is a bit high so we suggest using Groupon and getting your TEFL at Full Circle.

With Groupon you can get a big discount on this TEFL certificate from Full Circle which is currently the highest rated TEFL option on Groupon.

Full Circle TEFL – Budget Option

For $39 you can get a 160 hour TEFL certificate that will be accepted by online teaching companies. Click to get your coupon code on Groupon.

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