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Ginseng English Introduction

Gingseng English is positioning themselves as an actual online English school where students enroll and have an online classroom setting with multiple students and a teacher. Think of it like how you can study for a degree remotely with some universities.Ginseng English works the same way.

As such, they are selective about their teachers because their teachers have a lot more responsibility than your average online English teacher. You will have to lesson plan, give student feedback and be able to craft a fast pace, engaging lesson for an online classroom environment.

Ginseng English Job Description

As stated already, Ginseng English is an online English school for adults wanting to develop their language ability. As a teacher, it’s expected that you will have relevant teaching experience and a track record of success.

One thing to note though is that a formal degree is not actually required nor do you need to be a native English speaker. But they want the best of the best to apply so obviously if you have years of experience, a masters degree and experience teaching adults – Ginseng English is the online school you’ve been looking for.

Ginseng English hires all sorts of teachers from various backgrounds. However, this position is really not fore everyone. You’re required to make and prepare multiple lessons and develop your own curriculum. With this will also come creating assignments and homework as appropriate. You’ll also be expected to grade work and give video feedback to your students.

The work of a Gingeng English teacher is not simply a 1 on 1 video call, it’s a curriculum based lesson for groups of students all around the world.

Ginseng English Salary

Unfortunately this information is not public. Teachers are paid based on salary negotiations as well as background and experience. However you should expect to make at least double what other online schools are paying per hour.

Ginseng again is positioning themselves as an actual language school for adults. As such, the pay will be much higher but also the expectations of teachers.

How To Apply To Ginseng English

It’s a competitive position with numerous teachers applying. It can take over a month to hear back from your application. If you still want to apply this is what you have to do:

Do not submit a resume. Instead, create a short video of introducing yourself, describing your teaching experience, why you’re a good fit for an online teaching position and what you specifically bring to the table so to speak in terms of online teaching as well as a short teaching sample covering an area of English that is difficult for students to learn.

The introduction should be about 1 minute long. Your teaching experience section should be a minute long. Spend another minute or so describing why you’re the best candidate. Then finish off with a 3 minute or so teaching sample.

To summarize, the video should include:

You don’t need to do anything too fancy. You’ll need a decent camera and then to edit that video into the various sections.


Ginseng English provides a unique opportunity to do something a little different than other online teaching platforms. As for the Ginseng English salary, they pay well but your responsibilities are much higher as you’re responsible for all aspects of your class from lesson planning to making a coherent curriculum.

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