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Are you still using PowerPoint? With its productivity suite, Google has revamped many of the legacy products from Microsoft with better, more modern versions. Google Slides for non-Apple users is an essential part of our workflow. Not only can you easily create a presentation for class, but there are also a lot of excellent Google Slide templates for teachers.

This guide will showcase some of our favorite resources and websites for finding high-quality, professionally made templates. Please note that some templates are behind a paywall, but most are not. Let’s get to it:

Slide Carnival – Free PowerPoint and Google Slides directory

Slide Carnival has a wealth of resources for creating slides. One of their most popular verticals is their educational slides. Granted, some of these are designed for PowerPoint, but most work perfectly well with Google Slides.

We liked their cute robots slide. Perfect for any lesson with young learners. But this is just one option out of 20+ different choices. So if you need some quality slides for math, science, or even just a classroom warm-up, consider checking out Slide Carnival.

Slides Go – Free Google Slides resource.

The teacher section within Slides Go has over 700+ options for teachers. They mark 200 or so of the 700 as “premium,” but there is no difference as Slides Go works through subscription revenue.

They allow all accounts on their site to download ten items per month. So it would help to be careful and mindful of what slides you want, as you don’t want to waste your ten downloads. However, if you will use their service quite often, consider buying a monthly or annual membership. It’s not expensive and allows you full access to their library of 1000+ Google Slides for teachers.

Slides Mania – Another excellent free resource

Slides Mania provides a wide variety of interactive designs for Google Slides. We like to check out Slides Mania for their unique designs. They are perfect for anyone needing something professional for an online course, a learning management system, or simply the classroom.

The slides are designed for both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Click the button and download your slide directly to your laptop; easy!

Teachers Pay Teachers – Teacher e-commerce site.

Not our favorite place for Google Slides and PowerPoint material, as everything is behind a paywall; you can still find resources here. Teachers Pay Teachers is a helpful site for anyone needing pre-made lesson material like flashcards, worksheets, and complete educational games.

They provide the occasional Google Slide and are free to download and use. One such Google Slide we found helpful for young learners was their Alphabet ABC order slides which teach children their ABCs in a fun and engaging way.

Hello Teacher Lady – Note taker breakout

Hello Teacher Lady is a part personal blog, part education resource run by a middle school teacher named Shana. She created a great free resource for collaboration during online instruction over something like Zoom.

Students discuss and take notes based on their slides and prompts. This material also works well with Google’s Jamboard service, but it is best used with Google Slides to break up your students into small groups for note-taking breakout purposes.

Ditch That Textbook – Google Slides interactive resource

Ditch That Textbook has some of the best resources on using Google in the classroom for enhanced user experience. Google Slides is much more than simple presentation software. It provides interactive and collaborative activities for students of any age group, even adults.

What we simply love about the Google Slides section of this website is that Matt (the founder of Ditch That Textbook) provides complete tutorials on how best to use the slides and provides the custom material for free.

That means you get full access to free material and a written guide on how best to use it in the classroom, the what, why, and how all explained to you.

Graphic Mama – Free and paid resources

Credit – Graphic Mama.

Graphic Mama is primarily a visual design resource website, but they have a regularly updated list-oriented blog post offering a small selection of premium-designed Google Slides. The slides are general-purpose but look stunningly beautiful and professional.

Perfect for any middle school or high school class due in part to the premium graphics used in the designs. All the free Google Slides offered have a royalty-free license, text you can edit and adjust to your liking, free web fonts commonly used, and the ability to switch them over to PowerPoint for whatever reason.

Last, in addition to their free resources, they do offer large paid bundles of premium templates at affordable rates you can check out.

Google Slide Template Websites for Teachers

These are the top 5 websites we regularly checkout for all things Google Slides (and PowerPoint). Depending on your needs (from teaching the solar system to math equations), Slide Carnival and Slides Go are the most useful for your day-to-day workflow as they have a lot of variety for different classes and subjects.

Suppose you’re looking for activities and ways to create a more engaging educational experience for your students and leverage a bit of gamification and current trends. In that case, we strongly suggest bookmarking Ditch That Textbook.

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