The 9 Best Rolling Carts For Teachers

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Teaching in the classroom, abroad or online a rolling cart can be a helpful accessory for any teacher. What is the best rolling cart for a teacher? Rolling carts come in many shapes and sizes but they are all wheeled pieces of equipment that allows you to organize your teaching supplies with ease.

Having a high quality rolling cart makes keeping your classroom material (like props and your headphones) separate from the rest of your day to day items an easy process. Even if you’re not a teacher, having a rolling cart for your classroom or home office makes transporting supplies from one place to another a simple process.

What do you need in a utility cart as an online teacher? Easy. You’re going to want to look for something that has the following characteristics:

Can Fold Up For Easy Carry

You’re going to want a utility cart that is easy pack up and store when need be. We’re not working in a woodworking shop or an electronics store where we have to haul heavy items everyday. We’re teachers and we need something that we can pack up and take with us when we’re on the go to help keep us organized.

Good Organizational Layout

An ideal utility cart for a teacher should be designed with an optimal layout for teaching related materials. Props, books, markers, your white board, stuffed animals, random toys, flash cards and anything else you think would be helpful for your online class (or in person class).  The best rolling carts for teachers should be designed for the needs of a teacher with the right compartments to organize everything effectively.

Light Weight

Rolling carts for teachers should be lightweight and easy to carry. For most of use this is so obvious, but you would be surprised by how heavy some of the rolling carts we reviewed when coming up with our list. Some carts should be big and heavy, particularly if you’re working in IT. But we’re teachers, we need something light and mobile.

Collapsible Handle and wheels

Fun fact, luggage did not come with a collapsible handle (and wheels) until the 1980’s. Today, there are still rolling utility carts that don’t come with some sort of retractable handle. You’re going to want this and wheels (obviously) because it makes your utility cart mobile.

Best Rolling Carts For Online Teachers

You need a rolling utility cart as an online teacher or as an ESL teacher. Here are our favorite 7 rolling carts for teachers:

Olympia Tools Rolling Cart–  Best Collapsible Cart For a Teacher

Leading off the list is the Olympia Tools collapsible rolling cart. This rolling cart is designed for the busy teacher in mind. With an excellent organizational layout for arts and crafts, books and other sorts of teaching material.

Olympia Tools

This rolling cart from Olympia is a solid choice for any teacher looking to get organized and be able to take their class on the go.

Best of all, it’s light weight, easy to transport and can collapse so you can take it with your from school and home if need be. No assembly is required and it also comes in a variety of colors too from black, pink, green and more.



Honey Can Do All – The activity cart

This rolling cart looks great, comes with there tiers, mesh storage and is overall designed for a teacher in mind. That blue color is a great fit for any classroom, online or at school.

Honey Can Do 3 Tier Rolling Cart

A basic, useful, no frills rolling cart ideal for holding classroom activities like art supplies.

The main issue with this cart however is the build quality is pretty mediocre if you intend on rolling it around with your teaching essentials on it. It’s great if in general the cart if going to remain stationary most of the time, but if you intend on moving this cart around a lot, we here at Teach and GO would skip this.



ECR4Kids 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart –

This is your standard, three tiered rolling cart that can allow you to put numerous supplies on the cart. It comes with a handle, wheels. and is well built out of metal so it will last.

ECR4Kids Rolling Cart

This rolling cart is perfect for the online teacher who wants to create a professional home classroom and needs that extra storage or as a way to organize specific supplies for in the classroom. Of all all the rolling carts we’ve tried, this one has the best build quality and the wheels are reliable.



Not designed for mobility. Perfect for mobility at a school or within your home, but this item is not designed to be thrown in the back of a car or on an airplane like other items on this list.

Quick Cart Handcart – Heavy duty cart for storing all your teaching materials in one place

The Quick Cart Handcart  is ideal if you’re looking for something to keep all your teaching materials in one place for those times when you’re wanting to pick up your classroom and go, or if you want to keep your classroom nice and tidy by putting away all your teaching materials in one item.

Quick Cart

Securely store and move a lot of items easily. Folds up easily and can fit in your car or truck.

Admittedly this rolling cart is designed for more heavy duty activities than teaching, however the size and amount of things you can store in it, and the fact that it packs up easily and can fit in your vehicle makes at a must checkout on our list.



Everything Mary – Excellent rolling craft bag

Another excellent handcart with tons of storage and organization for the busy, professional teacher. This bag is well made and comes with a lot of storage options and compartmentalization features.

Stylish rolling cart

Perfect for teachers and the classroom. Stylish, lots of storage and a well designed layout.

Perfect for organizing your toys, props and various teaching gear. Made for crafts, but a very good choice for an online teacher.



Yitahome Mobile Folding Cart – A lightweight, affordable fold up cart

This rolling cart is helpful because it folds up and allows you to store it away or to easily pack it in your car without disassembling it like other rolling carts. It’s a well designed rolling cart with three shelves made for for storing and moving things from one place to another with ease.

Foldable Utility Service Cart

Folds up for easy storage, durable and well built for long term use.

On top of that, it comes pre-made right out of the box. No assembly required, just open the box and it’s ready to roll (pun intended).



DESIGNA 3-Tier Rolling Cart or art supplies – Durable and Attractive

A highly functional rolling cart specifically made for teachers. If you’re teaching online or in the classroom at school this rolling cart is a great choice. It has three tiers for storage and three mesh holders for easy access to whatever you need at the moment.

Designa Rolling Cart

Lot’s of great storage options with this cart, ideal for managing art supplies.

Last it comes with magnetic tins that double as storage as well. While this rolling cart is designed for a bathroom and to hold towels, brushes and bottles. It works quite well as a supply cart for art supplies for children.



Husky Rolling Tool Tote Bag – The Heavy Duty Option

The Husky Rolling Tool Tote Bag is a heavy duty bag design to haul around tools for DIY projects and the home craftsman. This bag is well made and built to last. If you’re looking for the most well built, highly functional rolling tote bag consider the Husky Rolling Tool Tote Bag.

Husky Tote Bag

Big bag with telescoping handle. Stores a lot of teacher supplies and can be stored away in a car with ease.

While made for home projects and a handyman, the build quality and storage options are outstanding. On top of that, you get a telescoping handle and can stack additional storage items on top. This rolling cart is perfect for AV equipment for your classroom as school.



Max Houser Cart – Multi purpose (and color) utility cart

This is a basic, uncomplicated utility cart with three shelves. It’s made out of metal, it’s well built and is perfect if you’re in need of a simple rolling cart to keep next to your desk in your classroom.

Max Houser

Comes in multiple colors including pink, teal, black and silver. Our favorite is teal.

This cart made our list because of the multiple colors it comes it. If you’re teaching young learners (K-3) you’re going to want colors that are bright and pleasant. This cart is cheap and does not disappoint with both functionality, design and build quality.

Amazon Basics – Budget rolling cart

The affordable option, it’s your basic rolling cart that is made out of metal and comes in multiple colors. Basic assembly required and not portable. It’s not the highest quality cart and the built quality could be better, but for the price it’s hard to beat.

Amazon Basics Rolling Cart

Your basic, multi-purpose 3-tier rolling cart. Acceptable for classrooms.

The wheels are reliable on this cart, though it’s not intended for excessive use. So if you’re going to be rolling this cart a lot during the day from classroom to classroom you’re going to want to skip the Amazon Basics option.

Keep Your School Supplies and Teaching Materials Organized

A clean, well-organized classroom establishes competence in your classroom as you lead your students by example through setting organizational standards to abide by. In addition, consider implementing some of the following in your classroom.

Make a designated learning materials area

Having a designated location in the classroom for learning resources allows students to know where to obtain materials during class activities, and where to store them afterward. This kind of arrangement encourages pupils to be self-reliant, saving you the teacher time by allowing students to self govern specific activities independently.

To make things simple, categorize your materials.

The key to finding necessary supplies promptly is to organize everything properly. You may accomplish this by using tiny separate containers, drawers, and dividers that are found within rolling carts and other storage devices. Labeling the resources allows students to recognize which boxes or cabinets to return them after usage.

Consider purchasing a mobile storage sart for Your classroom

The universal rolling cart (our top pick) allows you to move classroom materials around with ease. Every year, every teacher knows how much paperwork and resources they have in their classroom. Storage carts don’t only help you reduce clutter; they can also allow you to shift materials around and to another classroom.

Conclusion – Best Rolling Carts For Teachers

So these are some of the best rolling carts for teachers. Our goal is to craft a list of the best rolling carts for teachers based on different needs and wants. Some online teachers value mobility and the ability to pack everything up nice and neat into an easy to carry bag. Other teachers would prefer to have a standard, no frills rolling cart to help keep their home office and classroom nice and organized.

Whatever the case may be, rolling carts are a surprisingly helpful, cheap, organizational item to include in your day to day workflow.

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