SayABC Pay Break Down

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We have dedicated guide to everything SayABC related. But in this material we will take a closer look at the pay potential for SayABC.

SayABC Pay made easy

Let’s get right to the point, with SayABC you can expect to get $15 per 40 minute class with a $4 dollar bonus per class after completing a 9 class session. SayABC breaks their courses into mini 9 class curriculums that you will be required to teach.

That means for 9 classes in a row you’ll have the same students and the material will grow and expand as you progress from the first lesson to the ninth.

For trial class you will get your standard base pay with the potential to earn an $8 bonus if the student signs up to SayABC.

Base pay raise is based on your performance and internal metrics. You’ll need to teach at least a year to become eligible for a pay raise.

The pros and cons of SayABC Pay

SayABC is an excellent online teaching option if you intend on teaching online part time and will be based in America. The reason is that the class are 40 minutes with multiple students and it’s not possible to have back to back classes like VIPKID.

SayABC is restrictive about where teachers can teach with Europe and North America being the only accepted locations.

This of course impacts your pay potential as you’re limited to $15 per 40 minute class with bonuses. This pay can jump to $19 per 40 minute class if your attendance is perfect during your 9 class course assignment.

If you have a technical issue however and miss class you will be in-eligible for the attendance bonus.

So again, SayABC is a good platform if you simply are looking to make an extra $1000 a month from teaching English online.

$8 Trial class bonus

A trial class is a potential new student and new customer for SayABC. This should be strictly treated as a bonus and is not something you should take into consideration as part of your standard pay. The reason is that you have no control over getting trial class bookings and you have no direct control over converting students.

Student conversion is usually around 25% if you’re a high converting teacher. So if you teach 4 trial classes you can expect 1 class to convert if you’re skilled at converting trial classes.

$100 Referral Bonus

As with most online teaching companies, SayABC does offer a referral bonus if you’re a teacher and are able to recruit other new teachers. The current payout is $100 per new teacher you bring on.

See our guide on teacher referrals for more.

SayABC Pays in US Dollars

One last thing to note is that like VIPKID, SayABC pays in US dollars. If you’re an American this is great as you can simply set up direct deposit and you’re good to go.

However, if you’re not American you’ll have to take into account any conversion fees. SayABC hires native English speakers and is not restricted to only North Americans. As such, if you’re a British citizen you’ll have to convert dollars to pounds.

The best way to transfer money would be to use a service like Transferwise.

SayABC earnings are before tax

As with being an independent contractor for any industry you’re required to set aside part of your pay for tax. That means when you get paid from SayABC you should be setting aside 10-20% of your pay for tax.

The tax rate depends on your country of course so it’s impossible to give specific numbers here.

SayABC Bookings

SayABC and not the parents book you. As such, you can expect to have a booking rate of around 90% once you have some experience on the platform. You’re also limited to 24 classes per week max.

SayABC Potential Earnings

SayABC Pay Conclusion

So that is it for this SayABC pay guide. SayABC again is perfect for the European based, North American based teacher looking for a part time morning side gig. With the company booking you and offering a good platform and pay. SayABC is worth checking out particularly if you’re South African.

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