9 Best Standing Desks for Teachers

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Standing desks are an excellent option for online teachers, surprisingly. While they did become a bit of a fad as the “dangers” of sitting were overblown (being sedentary too much is, in fact, wrong, make sure to move a bit), they do make for a good choice for an online teacher who wants to create a more engaging classroom.

With a standing desk, moving in front of your webcam is easier. This, combined with a desktop computer, props, and a whiteboard, can become a lot more fun to teach online as your movement is not restricted. Please note that standing desks can be adjusted up or down, so you can still sit at a standing desk if you like.

What to look for when getting a standing desk?

So some considerations should go into a purchase decision for a standing desk. Desks can range in different price points, setups, and heights. It would help if you also thought about the devices you’re using to teach online and additional props or materials.

Electric standing desk or manual?

Many teachers may be surprised that you can have it all with a standing desk, particularly if you get an electric one. These types of desks are adjustable from a standing to a sitting position at the click of a button.

So if you’re setting up a home office or classroom and want to sit or stand, consider an electric standing desk that can adjust as needed.

The cost of a standing desk

You must also consider your budget, as the price points for standing desks vary. Electric standing desks, while the most useful, are often quite expensive.

There are more affordable alternatives, so you have a lot of flexibility with what you need depending on your home classroom.

Are you using a desktop or a laptop?

Most online teachers who have a home office or home classroom prefer using a laptop for online teaching. Some excellent all-in-one desktops (like the iMac) would be perfect on a standing desk.

The 9 best standing desks for online teachers

So what are the best standing desks for online teaching and a home office? Here is what we here at Teach and GO found the most useful as an online educator:

Seville Classics Airlift – The Stylish Choice

Modern design.

This electric standing desk is the right mix of style, design, and flexibility with height. It’s quiet to use when adjusting the size and comes with many helpful features like multiple fast-charging USB connections, a dual motor mount, and an overall sturdy design.

Lastly, this standing desk is of average size. Depending on what you use or need, this desk, on average, is the right size for most users. The only downside of this desk is that depending on how tall you are, you may need to put your laptop on some mount if you’re too tall so you’re not looking down at your webcam.



Vari Electric Standing Desk – The minimalist option

Clean, simple design.

We love this standing desk’s simplicity; it’s one of the best choices for an online teacher, as it is easy to adjust from sitting to standing. So if you have paperwork you need to do or need to jump into an online class, this desk is excellent for both.

What we liked most about this desk is that it’s just a large flat surface with no annoying space for a keyboard. This simple design makes setting up your props, material, and online class extras easy. This standing desk also pairs well with a bouncy chair. A type of chair that is a hybrid between a stool and a chair.



Fezibo Standing Desk – The Affordable Option

Ideal for a desktop computer.

This electric standing desk comes with four memory switches, so you can easily adjust the height to whatever you pre-set it to. It also comes with a simple drawer in the front to store pens, a small notepad, wires, and other random accessories.

Like many standing desks, we tried out, the surface area is massive and flat. Perfect for having paper, props, your keyboard, and additional electronics you use daily.

Fezibo also offers a standing desk comfort mat to go along with their desks, we can’t comment on this as we’ve not tried it, but it seems like a good thing to use if you’re going to be teaching for an extended period.



Flexspot Standing Desk – The Best Overall Value

Simple, easy to use.

The Flexspot standing desk is a lot like Vari’s standing desk because it’s a simple, adjustable desk at a great price. This is different if you’re looking for something feature-rich (and perhaps more complicated). The Flexspot is just a simple, adjustable standing desk. Perfect for any online professional who wants an easy-to-use desk.

The only downside of this desk depends on how tall you are. Fully extended, it’s OK for most teachers using a desktop computer with a built-in webcam. The camera may be positioned too far down for laptop users, so you would appear to be looking down at the webcam. As such, you may also want something to put on your laptop or tablet.



Stand Steady – The choice for laptop users

Ideal laptop placement.

The main feature we liked most about this desk was the fact that it comes with a shelf. When fully extended, a laptop on the stand will be ideally positioned on your face, which is what we want and need as online teachers.

Of course, you can buy a simple shelf at any home goods store and use that with any of the desks on this list, but overall we were happy using this standing desk that is quite large and easy to adjust.



Amazon Basics Computer Desk Converter – The Simple Choice

Simple and easy to use.

Alright, so you already have some simple desk or table you love to use for teaching, but you want to have the flexibility to stand up and be more animated and mobile when teaching? That’s where a desk converter comes in.

The Amazon Basics computer desk converter is an assembled desk converter that extends it up and places your laptop on top, allowing you to stand and teach. This is it if you’ve been looking for something simple with good build quality.



Jarvis Standing Desk – The Big Option

Very large standing desk.

Want a large, oversized standing desk for your home office or online classroom? At a surface area of 72 inches by 30 inches, this standing desk is one of the largest you can buy.

It comes with a simple, easy-to-use controller on the front of the desk. Up and down with four memory presets you can set. The desk can also move up relatively high for tall people and quite low when sitting so your keyboard is positioned comfortably.

Like all standing desks, you may want to consider an additional shelf to mount your laptop on if you’re going to be teaching.



Vivo Desk Converter – The low priced option

Want something with more design features than the Amazon Basics desk converter but something that is also small and light? The Flexi Spot desk converter is a great choice, mainly if you use a laptop.

While it’s designed to use both a laptop and a monitor, we find the second shelf that’s built into this ideal for putting your laptop on and the lower shelf to be a perfect spot for props, additional technology like your mouse or a notebook.

The Vivo desk converter is not the smallest around, but it does live up to its name in that it is flexible regarding your mobility. You can store this in a closet when not in use or on any table or desk in your home.



SHW Desk – The “L” shaped option

The rare “L” shape standing desk.

This is one of the few “L” shaped, adjustable standing desks you can purchase. It’s large and really only fits into the corner of any room. For most teachers this a fairly niche requirement.

The L shape is nice because you can have your laptop or desktop facing you as you stand and teach while you can use the L section to have any go-to props or accessories you need.



Additional things to consider with standing desks

With an adjustable standing desk, you must decide what chair you will use. Most of us here at Teach and GO found that using a standard office chair for sitting and then standing when teaching was acceptable.

But you can buy a dedicated “active” chair, like a glorified stool, with some support and flexibility. You can also get a reliable mat for standing and teaching. A rug for a standing desk is a lot of fun to use as they are pretty comfortable.

Last, you must decide if getting a dedicated standing desk or a converter suits you. If you already have a simple table or desk you use, consider getting an affordable converter that you can take with you from home to school.

Best Standing Desk Conclusion

That’s it for Teach and GO’s guide to some excellent standing desks for online teachers and any working professional who wants a quality desk for their home office.

Our favorite is the Jarvis standing desk, which is large and expensive for most teachers. We also really liked the Flexi Spot converter because of its price point and ease of use.

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