Swoosh English Review for ESL Teachers

By Editorial Staff •  Updated: 10/05/20 •  Teach Online

Swoosh English was started to primarily help both nurses and doctors from around the world pass the occupational English test or OET for short. Swoosh English also helps with the IELTS exam and the Pearson Language test.

In the years since their inception, they have helped thousands of non native speaking medical professionals become qualified so they can move to the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States to fulfill employment shortages.

Teach for Swoosh English

Prospective teachers for Swoosh should be UK based and have a standard, British accent and 5 years experience teaching IELTS. Teachers to be competitive for Swoosh position should also have a TEFL or CELTA certificate. The actual process of teaching is done online where you teach off a virtual whiteboard.

If you have any relevant props you wish to use to enhance lessons, you’re free to use your professional judgment. As long as you meet the lesson objectives, that’s what matters most.

The course material is developed by the company, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the course material and the lesson objectives.

How much does Swoosh English pay?

Payment is on per teacher basis and not standardized. The range can be anywhere from $18 per hour up to $30 per hour. It depends on the teacher, the experience, the current demand as well as the negotiation process.

How to apply to Swoosh English

If you’re ready to apply to Swoosh you need to bookmark their careers page as it’s continually updated. When there is an opening, go ahead and apply.

Please note, these are their requirements for their online teachers:

  • Have a good pair of headsets.
  • A quality laptop for online teaching.
  • A premium microphone is optional.
  • Must have a British accent.
  • Must be a UK citizen and submit a DBS check.
  • Relevant teaching experience required.
  • Be available 5 to 10 hours a week minimum.
  • Have a TEFL or CELTA certification.

Lastly, we do want to emphasis that you must have been born and raised in the UK. Having a British accept is a requirement as well as being able to submit a DBS check.

When applying with your cover letter make sure to clarify your teaching experience as well as why you would be a great fit for Swoosh English. As part of the hiring process you’ll also need to submit an internet speed test.

Swoosh English conclusion

Overall, Swoosh English provides a niche specific opportunity for UK based teachers looking to get started with online teaching. If you meet all the requirements Swoosh students expect from their teachers, consider applying. Apply here to get started.

Editorial Staff

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