Become a Google Certified Educator in 3 Easy Steps

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As an educator, enhance your skills through getting Google certified. We’ll break down the different levels of certification, from Level 1 to Level 2, and explain how to begin your journey toward becoming certified and why you would want to become certified in the first place.

You can also expect to learn about the vital training topics covered in the certification process and what to anticipate in the exams. Plus, we’ll address common questions like cost implications and whether classroom experience is necessary.

So get ready to take your teaching skills to the next level with Google Certification. Please note this test is not free and does cost a small fee, you’ll also need a webcam to take the test and accept the use of facial recognition software to prevent cheating.

Why Become a Google Certified Educator?

Becoming a Google Certified Educator offers numerous benefits, including enhanced credibility and expertise in using Google tools for education. The perks include access to exclusive resources, training, and professional development opportunities. Integration of technology into teaching practices improves student engagement and learning outcomes. Additionally, certification opens up career opportunities in educational technology with higher job prospects and salary potential.

Understanding the Levels of Google Certification

As an educator, understanding the levels of Google certification is essential. Google offers multiple levels of certification for educators to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in using Google tools effectively in the classroom.

The first level is the Level 1 Certification which focuses on the foundational skills required for using Google tools in education. It covers various Google apps like Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more. This certification validates your ability to integrate technology into your teaching practices.

The next level is the Level 2 Certification which goes beyond the basics and focuses on advanced skills and the application of Google tools for instructional strategies. This certification demonstrates your expertise in leveraging Google tools to enhance student learning and engagement.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, you can become a Certified Trainer. This involves training and supporting other educators in effectively using Google tools. It requires a deep understanding of Google tools, pedagogy, and educational technology.

There is the Google Innovator certification for those looking to innovate and make a significant impact in the education field. This certification is for educators who have developed innovative projects and solutions using Google tools in education.

Becoming Google certified as an educator comes with various benefits. It provides professional development opportunities, exclusive resources, and a badge that showcases your expertise. It also opens up career opportunities in educational technology and can lead to professional growth.

Level 1 Google Certified Educator

Level 1 Google Certified Educator is the initial milestone of becoming a Google-certified educator. This certification validates your foundational knowledge of Google tools and their application in the classroom.

To obtain Level 1 certification, you must pass an online exam that assesses your proficiency in using Google Workspace for Education. You demonstrate your ability to integrate technology effectively into teaching and learning by achieving this certification. Moreover, as a Level 1 certified educator, you gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities for professional growth.

Level 2 Google Certified Educator

Achieving the Level 2 Google Certified Educator certification demonstrates advanced proficiency in using Google tools for teaching and learning. It requires completing the Level 1 certification and passing additional exams and assessments, showcasing a deeper understanding of Google tools and the ability to integrate them effectively into instruction.

This certification opens up opportunities for professional growth, networking, and collaboration with other certified educators while recognizing expertise in supporting student learning with innovative technology solutions.

Level 2 certified educators have the skills and knowledge to enhance their classroom experience and drive digital learning experiences using various Google apps and tools.

How to Begin Your Journey Towards Google Certification?

Start your journey towards Google certification by familiarizing yourself with their educational products and services. Explore the different certification options to find the one that aligns with your goals. Review the requirements, including exams and training materials provided by Google. Prepare for the exams by studying and utilizing online courses and practice tests.

Key Training Topics for Google Certification

To become a Google Certified Educator, you need to master key training topics that are essential for achieving certification. These topics include Google Classroom, where you’ll learn how to effectively use this platform for online teaching and collaboration. G Suite for Education is another crucial area to focus on, as it covers using tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides for educational purposes.

Additionally, understanding how to create and administer assessments and surveys using Google Forms, organizing and managing files in Google Drive, and exploring the features of Google Meet for virtual meetings and video conferencing are crucial. Lastly, it’s essential to grasp the importance of teaching students about digital citizenship and online safety.

What to Anticipate in the Google Certification Exams?

The Google Certification exams consist of multiple-choice and performance-based questions, assessing your knowledge and skills in using Google tools for educational purposes. You can expect questions on topics like Google Classroom, Drive, and G Suite for Education. Passing the exams is essential to earn your Google Educator certification.

Exam Format and Content

The Google certification exams consist of a combination of multiple-choice and performance-based questions. These exams assess your knowledge and skills in using Google tools for teaching and learning purposes.

Each exam focuses on specific areas, such as Google Workspace, Google for Education, or Google Cloud. You must demonstrate your ability to apply Google tools in real-world scenarios during the exams. To pass the exams and obtain your Google Educator certification, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the features, functionalities, and best practices of various Google tools.

Tips for Navigating the Google Certification Exam

Successfully navigating the Google Certification exams requires careful preparation and strategic approaches. These exams assess your knowledge and skills in using Google tools for educational purposes. Topics covered include Google Workspace, Google Classroom, and other Google tools for educators.

To increase your chances of success, thoroughly review the exam content and study the relevant resources Google provides. Additionally, practicing using the Google tools in real-world education will help you gain valuable experience. When taking the exams, be sure to manage your time effectively and focus on the specific requirements of each question.

What is a passing score and when will I know if I passed?

A passing score for the Google Certified Educator program is 80% and you’ll now upon completion of the exam if you passed. You won’t be told however what questions you got right or wrong.

You need a webcam for the Google Certified Educator test

You can take the Google Certified Educator test on a Chrome Book, Windows laptop or Macbook. A webcam is required because during the test and at randomized intervals, facial recognition software is used to make sure no cheating is taking place and that the same person who started the test (you have to take a test selfie) is still sitting and taking the exam.

Yes this is a bit intrusive, but it’s required as way to prevent cheating and maintain a high standard for this test so it actually means something if you do become a Google Certified Educator.

Cost Implications for Google Certification

Google offers various certification programs for educators, such as Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2. The cost of Google certification exams varies depending on the level and location, typically ranging from $10 to $25 per exam.

However, some schools or districts may cover the cost of Google certification for their educators. Additionally, Google provides free training resources and study materials to help educators prepare for the certification exams. Achieving Google certification enhances an educator’s professional development and demonstrates their expertise in using Google tools for teaching and learning.

Is it necessary to have classroom experience for Google Certification?

The classroom experience is optional for Google certification as an educator. However, teaching experience can help understand the practical application of Google tools in the classroom. Google offers different certification programs for educators, like Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2. To become certified, educators must pass an online exam assessing their knowledge and skills in using Google tools for education.

What Happens After You Get Certified?

After completing your Google certification as an educator, you will receive a digital badge or certificate. This prestigious certification is valid for three years and can significantly enhance your professional credibility. Displaying your certification on your resume or professional profiles can open new career opportunities.


In conclusion, becoming a Google Certified Educator offers numerous benefits for educators. It showcases your expertise in using Google tools and demonstrates your commitment to providing high-quality and innovative education to your students. There are two levels of certification: Level 1 and Level 2, each with its requirements and benefits.

To start your journey towards the certificate, you must familiarize yourself with the key training topics and prepare for the certification exams. While classroom experience is unnecessary, it can provide valuable insights and practical application of Google tools.

Once you become certified, you join a community of educators and gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities for professional growth. So, take the first step towards becoming a Google Certified Educator and unlock new possibilities in your career.

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