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Blooket is a free online gaming platform that allows you to build your content or pick from a selection of content options provided by the team behind Blooket and engage your students in fun, entertaining, but educational-focused manner. Getting familiar with this website (it’s an excellent alternative to Gimkit with different games) and using it as a reward or to emphasis past content.

Blooket has a large number of resources to help you teach your students. As an educator, you can use this website to create vocabulary sets, trivia games, quests, and quizzes. Students outside of class can also use Blooket’s educational games to review past information or discover new facts. The primary age group for this platform is elementary, but you can customize the content for older students.

Create a free Blooket account

The first step is to go ahead and create a free account with your preferred email account here. It’s a simple process that takes a few minutes. Check your email, verify your account, and use a password you’ll remember easily to save time trying to log in to class.

Once you sign up you’ll be looking at a dashboard for your account. Here you can either create sets or discover sets:

Create a Set

The create a set function allows you to form your questions and is perfect if you’re looking for an interactive way for your students to study and review material at home. You can also use the “create a set” feature to create homework and assignments for your students to complete as a compliment to whatever lesson material you’re teaching.

If you want to create your own Blooket set material, click on the tab that says “Create a Set,” It will take you to a template page where you can fill in the set’s title, description, and pictures. Next, it’s time to add some questions.

Questions are in multiple-choice format and have a user-friendly layout that allows you to input which response is correct from the four options. You may also set a time limit for each question to make it more difficult and add images to make it visually appealing.

One of the best features of is that all the content teachers create is available and accessible to other instructors. Once you’ve completed and published your set, it becomes part of the library, allowing other teachers to discover and utilize it in their classrooms.

Discover Sets

“Discover sets” are premade Blooket sets. This feature is perfect if you’re looking for a fun reward system to use in class if your students finish an activity, quiz, or class test. The discover sets are also an excellent choice if you’re currently doing online remote learning and need a quick activity.

One of the most popular games is the “name that logo” set. It’s fun to test your student’s knowledge of various company brands, services, and companies. It’s also helpful to leverage as an onboarding mechanism for you and your students how Blooket works.

Once you navigate this section here, choose a game that you and your students find the most appealing or one that compliments your current lesson material. Once you select a game, you must choose a game mode.

Game modes in Blooket explained

Once you choose a set, you must select the game mode. Off to the right on the screen, it will describe what the game mode entails. With all game modes, you can set it based on time or obtaining a specific score, number, or quantity amount (depending on the game). We’ve found the time limit to be the most useful in class to keep things moving and suggest a time limit of 4 to 7 minutes.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular game options:

Gold Quest

Up to 60 players can join this game mode, but having at least three or more players is best. Your students answer questions correctly and earn gold. Students can also take gold from other players, so there is a bit of luck and strategy involved in this game mode.

Fishing frenzy

Ideal for two players or more, students answer questions and throw out reels to reel in fish. In this mode, you can set it as time-based in that students need to reel in fish quickly, and the student who has the most fish wins, or you can base it on weight, with the heaviest fist being the farthest away from the players and the most difficult to reel in.

Crypto hack

In this mode, players “mine” crypto and hack other players’ defenses to steal their crypto. No luck is involved in this game mode; instead, players are rewarded for answering questions correctly and quickly.

Battle royal

The royal battle mode sets players one on one or teams vs. teams. You can break up the course into two teams in class, and each team has to pick one team member to go up against one individual from the other team. That way, each student participates on an individual level.


It sounds boring, but the cafe mode is fun because your students compete by answering the question correctly and getting supplies for their cafes. With supplies, they can keep customers happy and buy upgrades to level up their cafe.

Tower defense and the tower of doom

These last two options are homework-only games the students complete independently. Assigning homework allows students to play a game on their own time. You’ll be given a Game ID valid for a fixed period when you host. Then, when your students use this Game ID, they can play the game and answer questions. Then you’ll get real-time updates on their progress and performance.

Hosting a game

Once you’ve selected a Blooket set that you like, as well as a game mode, it’s time to go ahead and launch your game. As your Blooket location is loading, you’ll be given a game ID that your students can use to join your fun:

This game ID is essential to take note of, particularly when assigning homework. You’ll need to share this ID with your students so they can either join the game or complete your Blooket set for their assignment.

Assigning homework in Blooket

As we just mentioned with the Tower Defense game and the Tower of Doom game, you can create sets or use premade groups with a built-in homework mode. When you choose a game mode, you must select a game with a homework mode, where you are taken to a page where you can set a due date/time and a goal. The objective is either a specific amount of minutes spent playing or money earned in the game.

How do I assign a question set as homework for students to do on their own?

First, choose a question set by finding one in the “Discover tab” or creating one in the “Create tab” and then view it in your Dashboard. Now, click Host on this question set and select the Tower of Doom, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Tower Defense, or Café mode, as these game modes currently have homework options.

Then, click “Assign HW,” and it will walk you through the process. Finally, it will give you a link that students can click to play the game on their own time. They only have to click the link; they don’t need an account, as Blooket only allows users 13 years or older to create accounts.

How do I check homework that is assign in Blooket?

In your Blooket dashboard, you’ll see a “homework” option in the sidebar. There you can view what students engaged with and completed the assignment and their overall performance. As you can set the homework to be done in a specific amount of time, students must show some responsibility and complete the task as required.

How do I share a question set I’ve created with another teacher?

With Blooket, you can assign a set you created to another teacher. First, navigate to your dashboard and find the set you want to share. Then, click on the gear icon to the right of the trash can. You’ll then see a “link” option.

Click the Link button, and it’ll copy the link for you to share. If the Link button does not appear, it is because your set is currently set to “private,” You must click the pencil icon to edit the privacy settings and make it public.

Blooket is a great learning tool for students

Blooket is simple and easy to use in the classroom or home as homework, with no extra equipment or login information required. Students must log into their accounts and input the game ID for the activity or assignment their teacher assigned.

Students may also use Blooket independently and play online games with their favorite game modes in various disciplines. This sort of gaming-based lesson material for young learners is engaging from a student perspective and helps the teacher make content your students will love.

Blooket for teachers’ conclusion

Blooket is simple to use in the classroom or at home for students. All they need to do is enter the game ID for the game mode of their choice for your students or that of an assigned Blooket set as homework. Then all your students need to do is add their nickname, and they’re off.

No user names or passwords are required. This is important if you’re using Blooket for students under 13. When you create a set and select a game mode, uncheck “Allow Student Accounts” so your young learners won’t be prompted to create a Blooket account, as users under 13 years old are not permitted to create one.

If you’re using this website with students 14 years or older, it’s your call if you want them to have their accounts. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? If this is your first time learning about Blooket, try it out in your classroom. You and your students will love it.

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