11 Excellent Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Class

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We are now entering holiday season and with summer at a close and fall in full swing, now is an excellent time to decorate your classroom as appropriate. Regardless of if you’re an online teacher looking to incorporate some fun ideas for your teaching background or you’re wanting to decorate your classroom door at your school – we got you covered.

With this list we tried to be comprehensive and share some of the most budget friendly, easy to setup fall decoration ideas for your classroom. We listed decorations that will help create a more fun, lively and creative teaching environment without breaking the bank.

The goal of this fall decoration ideas for a classroom is to help give you inspiration on how to best decorate your classroom door, home office or online class background. Ready? Let’s get started.

Fall decoration inspiration for classrooms

Just using a handful of items to make your classroom a bit more seasonal for winter, fall, Christmas, Halloween or Chinese New Year is a small thing to do that will go a long way.

Plus, these decorations can always double as fall decorations for your home and not just the classroom as a teacher.

1 – Pumpkin Easel – Great for Halloween and Fall

Lightweight, beautifully designed. Click to learn more.

This pumpkin is made out of metal and is built to last. An affordable and beautiful decoration for class, home or even your yard. This pumpkin is made out of aluminum and comes with a built in stand so you can prop it up.

It’s not too big too so you can add it to your background as an online teacher or put it on your desk in your classroom at school.

Regardless, a pumpkin is one of those simple, elegant decorations that is perfect for both fall and Halloween.

2 – Turkey Door Decoration – A unique bird not well known

Medium size. Click to see more.

As teachers, particularly online teachers who work with students based in China we tend to forget that a turkey is really only something Americans and Canadians are familiar with.

As a bird native to North America, and a something Chinese students tend to find interesting because it’s an animals they are not familiar with, a turkey door decoration for your classroom is an excellent idea.

The one issue you may have is that this decoration is a bit big. Not too big, but it’s something designed to hand on a door or wall.

3 – Maple Leaf Lights – Fall and Thanksgiving Themed Lights

Having great lighting for your online class is essential. Why not consider getting something that is dual purpose? It provides lighting and is a really beautiful decoration.

If you’ve been looking for a way to step up your classroom these maple leaf lighted garland is good choice because you can use them throughout the holiday season.

From October all the way through December as maple leaf lights are holiday season appropriate for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

4 – Party Tissue Paper – Holiday Party Decoration

This party decoration kit is pretty much everything you would need if you’re looking to add fall colors to your teaching environment. This kit is designed for decorating a house, fall birthday party or a classroom.

It has multiple items and colors but the primary feature of this holiday party decoration kit is the party tissue paper. This paper combined with a handful of other fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving related items make decorating your classroom a hassle free process.

5 – Fall Leaves Stickers – Designed for windows

120+ window clings.

A simple and affordable option to add to your class would be these fall leaves window clings. They are designed for windows obviously but you could still paste them to a whiteboard if you’re wanting a sticker decoration (without the difficulty of removing stickers).

This pack of window clings comes with 120 stickers so you’ll have plenty to use for your house, home officer or classroom.

6 –  Halloween School and Classroom Door Décor

Halloween is not really a thing for most ESL learners. As such, I would not stress too much about decorating your classroom with any halloween themed items.

With that said, students around the world are still familiar with the concept of Halloween so it’s not a bad idea to potentially get something designed specifically for Halloween.

At Teach and GO, we like this halloween classroom door design. It’s made for a a classroom door at a school, but the elements that come with it could be use for online teachers as well.

7 – Woodland Creature Cutouts – Animals For ESL

As with various other online teaching props, getting a set of animals, particularly these woodland creature cutouts is a fun way to decorate your fall themed classroom.

One thing to note about these cutouts is that they are a bit on the larger side. They are not tiny, hand-sized pieces of wood. They are a medium size which we find perfect. Not too big, not too small.

You can of course also use these animal props for lessons involving animals.

8 – Fall and Thanksgiving Banner – The perfect background

Perfect for online teachers.

Online teachers love having cork boards, white boards, lights and stickers as a classroom background. One other helpful background are seasonal banners. For this, we suggest getting a fall and thanksgiving banner you can use for your home office or classroom.

We like this particular set because it comes with three different banners. You can switch the banners out as needed or you can use multiple banners at the same time.

9 – Leaves and acorn cutouts – North American Specific

Similar to a turkey, an acorn is a western thing students in China may not be familiar with as. As such, having this type of decoration is a simple thing to do that will make your fall classroom decoration setup more beautiful and specific.

What we liked most about these cutouts is that they are perfect for use on a whiteboard or bulletin board. They are durable, attractive and built to last.

10 – Fall Lamp – Canadian Maple Tree

A maple tree lamp. Ridiculous but beautiful.

This is one of those items you did not even know existed. This Fall themed lamp is an ideal indoor or outdoor decoration for your house, home office or classroom.

While probably a bit much for most teachers, it’s on the list because it’s quite a unique product and would make for an excellent fall themed decoration for a teachers house, home office or class.

The way you could use this tree would be to put it in a corner and have it subtly in the background. Also, when not in use while teaching it’s an excellent decoration that makes a dramatic appearance for your classroom or home.

11 – Scarecrow – Small, fun and simple

This pack of three tumbling scarecrows are an ideal desk decoration that can also be incorporated into a teaching background. It’s last on the list because it’s mostly designed for home use and is not as functional or effective as other items on the list.

Still, scarecrows are an aspect of culture that can be shared with ESL language learners.

Fall Decoration Ideas For Teachers Conclusion

So that is our quick guide to help give you some inspiration on how to decorate your classroom or online class. If you’re a teacher who is in need of classroom door ideas of your an online teacher looking for a few handy items to decorate your background, hopefully this list is a good jumping off point to help you decorate your classroom for fall and the holiday season.

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