Golden Voice English (GVE) Requirements and How To Apply

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Golden Voice English is an online teaching company based out of Toronto Canada. They match Chinese students with native English speakers. The majority of the students are children who use Golden Voice English (GVE) as a type of after school study.

GVE operates in a similar way to various other online teaching companies. They have their own dedicated teaching portal and online class. Golden Voice English then matches language learners with qualified native speakers in the United States and Canada who work as remote workers as an online contractor.

The curriculum is based around specific language learning standards as set by the Chinese government.

Working as a Teacher For GVE

Golden Voice provides all relevant teaching material to use within the online classroom. They also provide in house teaching training and techniques to get you up to speed with online teaching.

As an independent contractor you’re expected to teach class and follow the curriculum as developed. This is great because you simply are required to teach. No lesson planning, no material making, no quizzes or tests. You as the teacher simply teach.

Working Hours at Golden Voice English

The hours for Golden Voice English are 6 am to 10 am EDT from Monday to Friday and between 9 PM and 10 am on Saturday and Sundays. Children don’t go to school on the weekend in China and are thus free to take class any time during the day in China (which is night time in North America).

How much Does Golden Voice English Pay?

The hourly rate for Golden Voice varies between $18-25 an hour. The pay depends on the amount of classes taught, raises and bonuses. Payments are issues once a month.

How do you get class booking with GVE?

Unlike VIPKID, GVE books you with the students instead of the parents booking you. As a GVE tutor you’re required to give your availability in advanced and to then check in daily to see if you have any bookings. If you’re based in the US and Canada be prepared to teach early mornings.

Requirements to apply to Golden Voice English:

The requirements are bit strict for GVE. Their ideal teacher is someone who taught English abroad for a year and has a TEFL certificate. Here are their requirements:

Technical Requirements:

The technical requirements are nothing out of the ordinary. You’ll need a good laptop for a teacher, a great pair of headphones for teaching and quite place that is distraction free. You’ll also need a webcam but all laptops to today come with those built in. Though you may want to consider upgrading. Last, get a good chair for online teaching.

WINDOWS 7 or Newer:


Windows OS

Application Process for GVE:

If you meet all of the requirements to be a tutor for Golden Voice English begin the application process:

  1. Fill out the online application (link below).
  2. The recruiters will review your resume.
  3. You’ll be contacted via email to set up an interview.
  4. You’ll then be required to conduct an interview.
  5. Successful candidates will be offered a position.
  6. Submit various employment forms.
  7. Start Tutoring!

The application process is standard practice for any online teaching company. You simply fill out an application where you submit your resume as well as answer various questions related to your background and experience.

If selected for an interview, they will send you an email so you can arrange a time. As with any interview, make sure you get your time zone correct so you don’t miss the interview portion. If you do well in the interview and they think you’re a good fit for GVE they will offer you a position.

Once offered a position you’ll sign various forms regarding your employment. Then you’ll begin internal training on how to be a successful online teacher with Golden Voice English. The you’ll begin tutoring.

Golden Voice English Conclusion

So that is Golden Voice English. If you think GVE is something you’re interested in consider applying here. I would also consider checking out their Glassdoor reviews. The most common complain with Golden Voice was late payments and poor completed class tracking.

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