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Teaching is a challenging profession as you have to manage both the emotional lives of your students and the learning objectives laid out by your board of education. One must manage lesson plans, engage with students, and keep up with the latest teaching trends. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of one’s well-being amid all this chaos.

That’s why we love Headspace for Educators. Headspace is a mindfulness app that helps teachers and students manage stress, improve focus, and boost productivity. Let’s explore how Headspace works for educators and its significance in education for your classroom.

We’ll also discuss how Headspace can make a difference in students’ lives and provide you with tools and training to nurture self-care.

Understanding Headspace for Educators

Headspace is a paid mindfulness and meditation app, Headspace for Educators however is specifically for teachers and is a free mindfulness app that promotes mental health and well-being in K-12 classrooms. It provides free access to teachers and offers weekly meditations and mindful tools. Educators have seen benefits in student engagement and their own well-rested lives.

Success stories from teachers in LAUSD, Canada, and Australia highlight the positive impact of Headspace in schools.

How to start your free subscription

Navigate to the Headspace for Educators landing page here. You can begin your free subscription by selecting the location of your school:

Next you’ll simply need to create a free Headspace account to access all the tools and resources for teachers:

You’ll now have access to 1000+ hours of content to help you sleep better, focus and be more mindful as well as mini exercises to help manage your busy schedule.

How Does Headspace for Educators Work?

Headspace for Educators offers an online program to provide teachers and students with mindfulness and meditation resources. The program aims to reduce stress and enhance well-being in the classroom through guided meditations, breathing exercises, and tailored activities.

Once your logged into your account you’ll see hundreds of articles on the following topics:

You also get access to a wide range of courses you and your students can use. Our favorite here at Teach and Go is their flagship “10-Minute Meditation with Sam” offering you can checkout.

Implementing Mindfulness in Classrooms

Implementing mindfulness in classrooms is crucial for student well-being and academic success. Headspace for Educators offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that can improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance social-emotional learning that you can leverage in the classroom

The program provides easy-to-use resources tailored to different age groups and classroom settings. For example, they have a whole “parents and kids” category with a wide range of topics that are age appropriate for young learners.

Benefits of Integrating Headspace in Teaching

Integrating Headspace in teaching offers numerous benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, improves focus, teaches social-emotional skills, encourages mindfulness, and easily incorporates into daily routines. It can also be used as a reward system to inspire good behavior or as a way to wind down a high energy class.

Personal Experiences and feedback

Teachers have reported enhanced focus, reduced stress, and improved student engagement using Headspace. The app has helped create a positive classroom environment, fostering better learning experiences. Right now, Headspace is closing in on 1 million reviews on the app store, maintaining a 4.8 rating.

Headspace is worth trying out because of its ease of use, accessibility, and personalized guidance. Integration of Headspace in teaching has been shown to enhance students’ empathy, communication, and social-emotional learning skills.

Best of all, educators get a free subscription so create your free account today and checkout the resources and courses that are at your disposal.

Can Headspace Make A Difference in Students’ Lives?

Headspace’s mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce stress and improve focus in students. As teachers provide feedback, incorporating Headspace into the classroom can lead to positive outcomes in student behavior and engagement when done right.

Impact on Student Participation and Eagerness

Headspace can improve student participation and eagerness by fostering calmness and focus. Mindfulness practices taught through the app develop curiosity in learning. It also equips students with tools to manage stress, creating a positive environment that promotes engagement and a love of learning.

Mental health and Headspace

Discover the importance of self-care for educators and how mindfulness can help. Right now you can sign up for free and learn all you need to about the Headspace for Educators program, tools, resources, courses and benefits of implementing mindfulness practices today.

Try and incorporate daily mindfulness exercises into your classroom routines and see if it works for both you and your students. We suggest doing a mindfulness exercises at the end of class or at the end of the school day as it’s a great way to relax, unwind and decompress.


Integrating mindfulness and Headspace into the classroom can have a transformative impact on both educators and students. Teachers can enhance student participation and eagerness to learn by creating a calm and focused environment.

Additionally, Headspace offers tools and training specifically tailored for educators, enabling them to prioritize self-care and effectively manage stress. The personal experiences of teachers who have implemented Headspace show its positive effects on mental well-being and overall classroom dynamics.

If you’re a teacher interested in bringing mindfulness into your classroom, checkout Headspace for Educators today. We found it very hepful, well developed and practical; maybe you will too?

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