Native Camp Review – Salary, Requirements and How to Apply

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Native Camp is a Japanese based company in the online English teaching space. They are one of the lowest paying companies in the industry.

Despite being named “native camp” they are more designed for Filipinos and Eastern European teachers who speak English as a second language as these are the types of teachers that would even consider accepting such low wages.

If you’re a native English speaker with a TEFL certificate and a degree, I would pass on Native Camp.

Native Camp Summary:

Native Camp is designed to attract Philippines based teachers. Anyone can apply to Native Camp however. But if you’re American you could make more money getting a minimum wage job than you would teaching for Native Camp.

The Technical Requirements for Native Camp:

As with any online English teaching company the requirements are standard for any teaching platform:

What are the positives of Native Camp?

Native Camp does have a few positives that can be taken into consideration on if you should apply or not.

Can work from home

While not ideal for native speakers, Native Camp is an online platform for teaching. As such, you’re able to work from the comfort of your home. No need to commute. All you need if your laptop, headphones and an internet connection.

In-house classroom app

Native Camp has their own app for managing online class. No need for Skype. With their platform you’re given the required teaching material and are able to manage your schedule with ease.

Low requirements

The requirements for Native Camp are the lightest in the industry. This is because they are Japanese based and not Chinese based. It’s also because their target teacher is not a native English speaker but rather someone from the Philippines where the average salary is less than $1000 a month.

Easy Application Process

Ready to to apply to Native Camp? This company has one of the quickest and easiest application process around.

Native Camp Review Conclusion

If you’re a non native English teacher then consider working with Native Camp. They are designed primarily for Filipino teachers and pay around 20,000 Pesos to up to 60,000 Pesos depending on bonuses.

All teaching material is provided through their own teaching app. Payment is made twice a month on the 15th and the first of the month. The actual teaching is a bit robotic as they have a clearly defined lesson and lesson objectives that must be meet.

Unlike VIPKID or SayABC where you’re encouraged to expand on a lesson as needed, it’s best to just follow the lesson objectives as closely as possible with Native Camp.

You can visit Native Camp here. If you want to dive deeper and learn how to teach online without relying on a company, then checkout “how to teach online with Zoom” as it will give you a high level overview of how to best conduct your own classes.

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