7 Perfect Office Chairs for Online Teachers

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With online teaching, you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, unless you decide to get a standing desk of course. As such, you’re going to need a quality, reliable chair.

In this guide, we’re going to break down what you need to look for in a ergonomic chair that is appropriate for an online class. As teachers, we don’t want out chair to be oversized and distracting.

Small design – No big, goofy ergonomic chairs

One thing that we found quit annoying when testing out “ergonomic” chairs for offices as well as the different recommendations of chairs from our competitors was the complete lack of consideration given to design and appearance.

You’re going to be teaching online in front of a camera. You certainly don’t want some big goofy looking chair to distract your students. Small and supportive of your back is what you want.

While large computer chairs are very comfortable, they are simply too tall and big. The oversized design will block your teacher background and it simply looks unprofessional when in your online class environment.

No wheels – Really

Wheels make a lot of sense for office chairs that are in conference rooms and collaborative workspaces but not for a home office or an online classroom setup, particularly if you’re on a carpet.

Not only do they degrade over time where they also squeak and make noise, you’re not taking full advantage of wheels in the first place. How often do you roll your chair when at home? Almost never.

On top of that, you don’t want your chair to move when teaching online. You want to be positioned properly in front of your camera like the professional you are. Not making noise as the plastic clashes together or rolling out of the frame.

Best ergonomic chairs for online teachers

So here are the best chairs for the online teaching professional. They are small, comfortable, non-distracting that help you complete your work fast and effectively.

Classic faux leather chair from Amazon Basics – The classic choice

A classic style chair.

A no nonsense office chair. With a steel frame and good padding, this chair is easy get in and out from when at a desk. We also like how the arms are small and padded too and not in the way.

It’s a simple, classic design that should fit in with almost any workspace. The only drawback of this chair is that there is assembly required. So be prepared to spend some time putting it together. Also, you can’t adjust the height which may be a deal breaker depending on your setup.

However, if you’re looking for a reliable chair for people of all sizes, this faux leather chair from Amazon Basics is perfect.



OFM Executive side chair – Small and comfy

Nice padding in a small design.

We had no idea an executive side chair was even a thing, but this option sure is comfy. With a back a little lower than the Amazon Basics chair and the faux leather padding being of a soft premium quality, this chair is perfect for a desk.

With a classic black design, this chair once assembled together is sturdy and can support people of various weights. It’s stylish and can fit into any workspace, office or dedicated home classroom with no issue.

If you’re looking for a simple, basic but stylish chair this executive side chair is something you should take a look at. Like the Amazon Basics model, you can’t adjust the height on this.



Dragonn by VIVO – The kneeling option

Good posture, cool design.

The creative option on the list, the Dragonn (yes that is the spelling) is a really fun choice for an online teacher. Think of it like the middle ground between a standing desk and a stool.

You can sit back on this chair easily and rest your knees on the front, forcing proper posture. This is actually quit comfortable and with the lack of arms on the side, you’re more free to move about and when teaching.

It’s also a good solution for anyone with lower back pain as it forces your spine to be straight. Last, this chair is rated for individuals up to 250 lbs.



Armen Living Jaguar Dining Chair – The light and easy choice

Light and simple.

While we don’t think this chair is that nice for a dinning room, it’s a great choice to put next to a desk or table when teaching. It’s small, comfy and minimalistic.

It’s best used by smaller individuals as the build quality seems to wear out with anyone over 180 lbs using the chair regularly. But if that’s you this chair is works well.

It’s not overly padded, firm and very light. Particularly compared to other chairs on the list. Last, the lack of arms on the side work well to give you more movement when teaching.



Volans swivel office desk chair – The beautiful option

Stylish and novel.

This chair is the right combination of beauty, size and comfort. It’s not an oversize computer chair, it’s premium looking office chair that swivels. Making it easy to get in and out from when teaching at a desk or table.

It’s also incredibly stylish and is perfect for anyone looking for faux leather chair to fit their personal classroom, home office design.

Last, from a functionality perspective, it swivels and you can adjust the tilt and height to your liking. Making this a great choice for anyone who cares about comfort and style.



Classic reception office chair by Amazon Basics – The office option

A basic lobby chair.

Want an alternative to the other standard office chairs? Then we suggest this simple reception office chair. Designed to be used in an actual office for a dentist or lawyer, we found this chair to work well in your own office at home.

It’s a basic, no frills chair. Fairly comfortable, not oversized for online video and not particularly heavy once properly assembled. The only downside is that this chair is not particularly comfortable if you’re tall or heavy.



Seville active stool – The hybrid option

Lean and wobble.

Not exactly a chair, but a creative option you should be aware of none the less. Like the kneeling chair, this is good alternative for anyone who does not want to sit for long periods of time.

This active stool is perfect for any adjustable standing desk or any regular desk in your home. You can adjust the height to make it fit your personal height and overall setup at home. It has a slight wobble that helps make this stool comfortable.

If you’ve never used an active stool, basically you just lean on it. It has cushion so it’s comfortable for long use and it provides a slight movement for when you’re teaching online and wanting to use TPR.



What is an “ergonomic” chair?

An ergonomic chair is any chair that supports your work environment by helping to increase your overall efficiency and comfort. We all come in different heights and weights so no one chair is ideal for everyone.

When looking to purchase a chair you should look at the support it will provide your lower back, how easy it is for you to move when teaching as TPR is important and if the height is adjustable.

Why do you need a quality chair

The right chair for you will help improve posture and comfort for long durations of teaching in front of the computer. The goal is to provide lumbar support and reduce the stress that ensues when sitting for long periods of time on your lower back disks (known as your lumbar).

To compensate for weak lower back muscles that have been strained too much, people tend to slouch and sit incorrectly which only work to exasperate the underlying issue – A build up of lactic acid in your back muscles that work to support the proper curvature of your spine.

Make sure to stand regularly

Sitting is fine, but sitting for long periods of time is not advised. Numerous studies have been published on the “dangers of sitting” but really it’s just out of shape people who spend too many hours sitting and not moving.

Most healthy people know to stand, but it’s advised to stand for 15 minutes every hour you sit. That does not mean you need to be robotic about it and literally stand for 15 minutes and sit for 45 minutes.

It just means that if you’ve been sitting for two hours working, you should get up and move for 30-45 minutes.

Best ergonomic chairs for teachers conclusion

So that’s it for Teach and GO’s guide to purchasing a chair as an online teacher. Yes there are more complicated, bigger chairs. But again you need something sleek, stylish and small. Not a computer throne that will block out your well though out teacher background.

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