Essential Online Teaching Tools

Welcome to the dedicated resource page for Teach and GO. We are a website for teachers by teachers. All of us have worked previously as ESL teachers and as online teachers. We have created this page to sum up all our recommended gear across the website.

*Make sure to book mark this page as it’s updated regularly (November 2020).

Online Teacher Technology

Online teachers have some specific requirements when it comes to technology. We’ve used and reviewed numerous pieces of tech for the online environment, here is what we found the most helpful.

MPOW PC Headsets – Most Popular for Online Teachers

MPow makes affordable headsets for anything online chat related. Be it online teaching, Skye calls, webinars or if you’re working in a call center. If you need a simple and affordable pair of headsets with a microphone, these are the pair we like most.

Not too expensive, decent build quality and can be used for multi-purpose reasons.

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ACER Aspire 5 – The best Windows laptop

ACER has really done an excellent job with creating a budget friend, feature rich laptop. If you’re in the market for a work horse PC, something that can do video editing, online teaching and basic web tasks – all without breaking the bank, take a look at the ACER Aspire 5.

The only thing we don’t like about this laptop is the lack of a touch screen. Touch screens make online teaching more fun for you the teacher. Not a deal breaker through.

Macbook Air – The ideal IOS Laptop

Professionals need something powerful like the Mackbook pro for video editing, graphics rendering and more. But online teachers, just need something small, light that works really well.

We love the Macbook Air for online teaching because it meet all our requirements. Small, light, thing, good webcam and it has a touch screen.

*See our guide on the best laptop for online teaching.

ACER Aspire AIO – Best Desktop for Teachers

Not everyone wants a laptop. Some of use teachers still want a powerful, feature rich desktop for our online classroom and home office. For this we suggest you look at the AIO from Aspire.

As an “all in one” desktop, it won’t take up space with a tower and provides a large 27 inch touch screen with a good webcam. The only issue with this is the screen is not a colorful as an iMac, but it’s price point is great.

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Logitech C922 – The Best Overall Webcam

Your camera is your most important tool as an online teacher. Most laptops today come with a build in, 720P webcam that is acceptable by most online teaching companies.

But for a small price, you can upgrade your webcam to provide a much better experience for your students. Better audio, 1080P and a more colorful video with the C922 from Logitech.

*See our guide on the best webcams for teaching online.

Zoom H2N – The Best Microphone for Computers

The Zoom H2N is a fairly expensive microphone, but it’s the last microphone you’ll need. It has the ability to control the gain to reduce background noise as well as the ability to record surround sound.

It plugs into your laptop via USB and can be take on the go by being powered with batteries. So regardless if you have to teach online or do a voice over, this small microphone is perfect.

*See our guide on the best microphones for online teaching.

Small Ring Light – Best video lighting for class

If you’re going to be teaching early mornings and want away to directly light your face to you look your best in video, we highly recommend this affordable, small ring light.

It is compact in size, comes with different brightness settings to adjust for your needs and it’s overall size pairs well with a laptop. The only slight issue is the tripod is not adjustable.

This cheap ring light is great for so many various applications. Video creation, online class as well as putting your makeup on in the morning.

*See our guide on the best lighting for early morning video.

Transferwise – Online Payments

Transferwise is our favorite way to transfer money abroad. If you’re American you can probably setup direct deposit with your online teaching company. But for everyone else you’ll want to use Transferwise.

What Transferwise does is that is transfers money internationally at the best rate possible. So whether you’re abroad and want to transfer money to your foreign bank account or you’re wanting to receive payment from a foreign company all you need to do is use their “boarderless account” feature.

Money gets sent to this account and then you can send your balance to any bank account you want.


The easiest way to send and receive money internationally

My TEFL – Teaching Certificate

A TEFL is a required certification that employers expect you to have as an ESL teacher, regardless if you’re going abroad or teaching online. There are quite a few different options you have, but our top suggestion is My TEFL.

My TEFL is recognized internationally and is a solid choice for any aspiring ESL teacher.


ACCET certified online courses. Upon completion you’ll be give a TEFL certificate. You need the 120 hour course or more for online teaching companies.

Freelance online teaching

While we strongly suggest you teach with an online teaching company as a beginner, when you outgrow your company and want to go completely freelance these are the options we like.

1 – Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can teach language lessons to language learners. It’s a broad platform for all types of freelancers, but it’s still under rated as a spot to conduct class.

2 – Outschool

Outschool is an after school aimed at American students primarily. You can become a teacher if you pass their vetting process and have your course within their marketplace.

3 – iTalki

iTalki is a great choice for any teacher who wants to have their own client list of adult language leaners. Also, you can teach any language on iTalki, not just English.

4 – Udemy

Udemy allows you to create one off courses about specific subjects. You can also find very affordable courses to improve your own skills. As Udemy is a marketplace, you can get organic sales of your language course without needing to do any marketing.

Digital Education Tools

There are quite a few online education tools available that a lot of educators (and students) are not aware of.

1 – Manycam

ManyCam is a fun, feature rich program that allows you to add fun and colorful graphics in real time to your online class. ManyCam is compatible with numerous online teaching platforms like VIPKID, DADA and Palfish.

2 -Edmodo

Edmodo is an all in one learning management system that combines in house communication, collaboration tools as well as helpful tools and resources for conducting and managing Zoom calls.

3 – Socrative

Socrative is a helpful app for in-class teachers to manage their students performance and understanding. Faster grading and feedback for both teacher and student.

4 – Kahoot!

Kahoot is game based learning. Perfect for work, school or home. You as a teacher can create and host games online for your students.