Class Dojo: What Is It and How To Use it For Teachers

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Class Dojo is a communication platform that allows teachers and parents to share messages and media. It serves as a link between home and school. Families may speak with teachers privately and discuss issues confidentially. It can also be utilized to track and manage good and negative actions, increase involvement and interaction among students, and develop classroom culture.

Class Dojo is a free school communication platform that teacher students and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing classroom moments at home through photos, videos and messages.

Create a strong community

Now more than ever being able to share the school day with families is incredibly important. Millions of teachers are creating welcoming classroom communities through class dojo as well as continuing to engage and support students learning remotely. Reaching students wherever they are gives families a window into their child’s school day by sharing photos and videos of your class story to your own private secure feed just for the families connected to your classroom.

No longer will you be spending hours at the copier to send home paper newsletters that just get lost in backpacks. Instead you can share files and links and feel confident knowing your important updates reach the home of your students as well as see which families have actually viewed your post.

Class Dojo Features, Projects and Tools

Class story is also the perfect space to share class lessons and resources. Whether your front-loading for tomorrow’s lesson or teaching remotely students can download the PDFs and explore the links you share, watch your read aloud, complete math problems and comment in response to actively engage in learning whether they’re in the classroom or at home.

Private feed with class Dojo

Just like your private classroom feed you’ll also reach every family connected to your school when you share updates on school story. Record a video update, upload your school a newsletter or share photos and videos of school moments that families not might be able to experience otherwise on both class and school story.


You can also create events which are great for inviting families for things like back-to-school night plus if your event turns virtual it’s easy to share your zoom link with families. Then simply let Class Dojo do the rest with automatic reminders. Your school will feel more connected like never before.

Families are not just informed but are also invited to be a part of your school community teachers the school nurse, school leaders, families and everyone else of importance from the education environment comes together in one place.

Messages and translations

Messaging on Class Dojo allows you to reach every family without giving out your personal phone number or needing to setup a dedicated profile on a messaging app like Whatsapp. In addition, once parents set their preferred language on their side of the app, translations are automatic. Meaning language is never a barrier connect with families, share files and photos and schedule messages to set up reminders ahead of time.

You also get “read” receipts of your messages meaning you can see when a parent has actually read your message plus set quiet hours because work-life balance is important in setting boundaries and expectations.

Logging in and account access

Logging in is simple for parents. They can can use a dedicated QR code tied to the class or a Google login. Once logged in they have their choice and flexibility of how their students can share photos, videos files and more. Students can journal (or blog) and they can draw pictures.

They can add voice notes captions and even draw over and add to pictures. Other students can decide how best to communicate their thinking and you can see what they’re up to. Whether they’re posting from a small group in the back of the class on a shared device or on their smartphone.

Shared activities

Engage students by sharing activities for student completion to create learning opportunities to keep them on track. Even when remote you decide how you’d like them to respond and keep track of student submissions on your side of the app. Plus you’ll be able to upload worksheets for students to complete.

That means less time at the copier and more time for your young learners. Class Dojo has partnered with Harvard, Stanford and Yale to create video discussion guides and meaningful follow-up activities to help students develop social-emotional learning skills like growth mindset, empathy and mindfulness.

Mojo, official mascot of Class Dojo.

Students love learning alongside mojo and his monster friends as they take on new challenges and you’ll love watching your students grow and develop those social-emotional skills you know are so important.

Classroom management tools

As teachers, we also know how important it is to support teachers and provide the required needed to help manage a classrooms, which is why we find Class Dojo so interesting. You can award positive feedback for skills like perseverance, remote learning participation or skills aligned to your PBIS initiatives. With Class Dojo, everything is totally customizable to fit your unique classroom community needs.

In addition, timely, specific and individualized feedback encourages self-reflection and goal-setting. You as the teacher can reset points daily to give students a fresh start and even redeem points. Plus you choose whether or not to share this data home with families.

What is Class Dojo – Conclusion

The ClassDojo team is committed to providing useful information and resources that will assist parents and guardians in raising their children. Because of this, we are excited to share with you with you ways to improve your students development. Class Dojo is an overall fantastic resource for bringing the community together around the classroom for both students, teachers and parents.

Class Dojo is a fantastic tool for teachers, pupils, parents, and the general public! In one convenient and successful platform, you may communicate, collaborate, and form a community, all with the intention of benefiting student education.

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