The 27 Best Teacher Bags for School

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You have a huge amount of options when it comes to purchasing a teacher bag. You can select from a classic teacher tote to a fully functional backpack to even a rolling cart. It comes down to your individual use case, specific requirements, and of course your style.

So what exactly should you look for when looking to purchase a teacher bag? From our time in the classroom, here is what we find most essential:


A quality teacher bag should be designed with the educational professional in mind with regards to the carrying capacity for things like a laptop, homework to grade, worksheet printouts, and essential classroom (both online and in the classroom) items while still having a solid organizational layout.

That means everything in your bags has a place. You can quickly separate personal items from work items with ease.


A proper teacher bag is not simply a glorified woman’s handbag. A proper tote bag for a professional should be designed for both works and play. A big component of the work part is being spacious enough to carry important items as a teacher.

Technology like headphones, a mouse for your laptop, and snacks need to fit. You can’t do that with a small tote bag that is more designed for casual use.

Durable and Comfortable

A bags for a teacher is going to get a lot of use and the worse thing you can do is buy a cheap tote that wears out after a few month of use and is uncomfortable to wear for longer periods. The straps wear out, the leather starts to fray, the tote bag starts to just look old and worn out, and it digs into your shoulder as you’re carrying it.

This list will contain only durable bags for teachers. The kind of tote that will last for a few years before you want to purchase a new one.

Professional and stylish

Style and function are important. Style should enhance function so look for a tote bag that fits your style but is still functional. We also want something appropriate for business attire.

The best teacher bags

It’s a given. You’re going to want a high-quality, functional (but stylish) teacher tote bag. Here is a list of the 7 best teacher tote bags for any teacher looking to stay organized and look good.

1. Relever Tote – Trendy Design with Excellent Storage

The Zysun tote bag has the right combination of a lot of the features we look for with a teacher’s tote bag. Excellent design for both work and casual use. Well-thought-out internal storage so you can keep teaching materials and personal stuff well organized and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So this is one bag that is built to last.

If you’re looking to purchase a stylish but functional tote bag, take a look at the Relever tote bag. It has long straps that fit over any size of person, can store multiple documents as well as your laptop and looks great.


  • Excellent design and storage combination.
  • Built to last and a guarantee to back it up.
  • Comfortable to carry.


  • Design is more for travel and business than teaching.

2. Lovevook Laptop Bag – Chic looking choice

This is a stylish, premium-designed laptop bag for teachers. You can easily fit a 15.6 laptop inside in its own dedicated, padded compartment. In addition, it has a lot of built-in storage space for wires, papers, your teacher planner, and more.

With its professional design, this bag is simply a great choice for any working professional. It’s ideal for a university lecturer as it’s not ideal if you need a lot of storage for things like arts and crafts, homework, and so forth.


  • Excellent design and layout.
  • The padded area for the laptop is well made and protective.


  • Lack of storage required for elementary school teachers.

3. Plambag Women’s Laptop Tote Bag – The Best Tote For Laptops

If you’re looking for a conservative, but stylish tote bag made for work but one that can also double for casual needs, checkout Plambag Women’s laptop tote bag. The neutral color combination matches all sorts of outfits and is appropriate for professional teachers.

What we also liked about this laptop tote bag were all the various dividers inside the bag making it easy to stay organized by having a space for your laptop, notebooks, and personal items.


  • Beautifully designed and functional.
  • Designed to carry a laptop or a tablet but at the same time still be comfortable.
  • No need bringing a purse to work.


  • No reinforced base in the bag so it won’t stand on it’s own like a lot of backpacks do.

4. Kroser Laptop Backpack – The University choice

While not exactly a tote bag or messenger bag, we want to include this hybrid option because you can use it either as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. Overall, it’s a well made backpack/tote bag combo that can fit a 15.6-inch laptop, papers, and a folder filled with assignments.

It has a stylish look, enough compartments to carry accessories for a laptop, and can double as a backpack. Ideal for those long walks across campus.


  • Doubles as a tote bag or backpack for convenient use.
  • Multi-functional for a wide variety of uses.


  • As a backpack, it’s on the smaller side.

5. Simply Custom Tote Bag – Personalized Tote Bag

This is a personalized teacher tote bag with nifty mesh pockets. With your purchase, you can choose whatever name or phrase you want embroidered on the tote bag. Not only that, this tote bag is designed for us teachers.

Durable polyester, optional organizational pockets you can put in or take out, mesh pockets on the outside for various items for your class. This tote is first on the list because it checks off a lot of the most important features teachers need in a fun and functional tote bag.


  • Spacious and durable.
  • Can be personalized with your name on it. A great choice as a gift or for yourself.
  • Numerous styles and colors to choose from.


  • Excellent for work but not play.
  • If you want something that could double for personal use skip this choice.

6. Pursetti Teacher Bag – A Premium Tote Bag

A nice combination of style, function, and practicality. This teacher tote bag by Pursetti is built to last. With a lot of storage space, mesh pockets, and internal organization – this tote is an excellent option for school, online classes, and any sort of extracurricular activities.

What we like about this teacher tote bag is that it has a solid base built in to it, has a good zipper so nothing will fall out ,and simply has the right mix of style and function we look for in any tote bag for teachers.


  • Built to last.
  • Excellent organization.
  • Stylish and comfy for long term wear.


  • It’s a medium sized bag. If you need a big tote bag, this is not it.

7. Teacher Tote by Brooke and Jess – Small, High Quality Utility Bag

Inspirational quotes, made of nylon and designed with the teacher in mind, that’s what you can expect from this unique utility tote bag. This is a quality tote designed to carry books, props, toys, and a tablet as an online teacher. It comes with a fun inspirational quote and is a good option if you’re looking for a simple utility bag as a teacher.


  • Adjustable straps, pockets and made of nylon so no need to worry about water.
  • Ideal for carrying items on a day to day basis, to and from an office to a classroom.


  • Small. This could be a pro, but many online teachers want a large tote bag for all the various items needed as an online teacher.

8. Sunny Snow Laptop Tote Bag – Ideal For Large Laptops

A large yet lightweight tote bag, this thing is big and can carry a 17-inch laptop with ease. If you’re looking for a tote bag that looks good, is big, and has all the storage you could ever want, this laptop tote bag may be for you.

What we liked about this particular tote bag is that it has good build quality and can store your technology with ease. Need a bag large enough to put in a laptop, tablet, mouse, books, phone, headphones, props, wallet, and more? All at the same time? This bag is perfect then.

If you’re looking for a tote bag that you can pack up all your teaching gear with ease, this laptop tote bag can get the job done.


  • More practical than a backpack for a lot of teachers.
  • Style, storage, size and functionality all in one tote bag.


  • This tote is big. If you need large tote bag this is it, but it may be too big for some teachers.

9. S-ZONE Leather Tote – The leather option for women

This is a beautiful, classic leather tote bag. This leather tote bag for teachers is designed more for style and less for function as a tote, but it’s still a good option for teachers due to it’s storage and impeccable design. It’s on the list primarily because a lot of teachers prioritize style and appearance as a primary purchase decision. If that’s you, this teacher’s tote bag is for you.

This tote is a classic looking leather shoulder bag that is large enough to carry a 15-inch tablet. It’s built sturdily with a reinforced base so the bag stands up on its own when empty. It’s also flexible in the design and is a bit pliable so you can fold it and put it away without issue. This bag is ideal for trips and everyday use.


  • Beautiful tote bag. This is one of the most attractive and stylish tote bags on the list.
  • Big but not too big. Designed for weekend trips but still capable of handling work related needs.


  • Build quality is an issue. This bag is design for casual use and it could wear out with continued usage of your typical busy teacher.

10. Newhey Mens Messenger Bag – A large, functional option

A large, durable classic choice for a teacher’s bag. This bag is made out of crazy horse cowhide leather, it is water-resistant and rugged for long-term use.

The overall size of this bag is quite large. It comes with 5 different pockets, and plenty of space for a large laptop, water bottle, assignments, and more. Last, it’s also a bit heavy at 2.5 lbs when empty so expect this messenger bag to have a bit of heft to it when used.


  • Premium build, classic design.
  • Lot’s of storage for all sorts of day to day teaching items.


  • Made of actual leather, if you don’t want leather products skip this.
  • A bit heavy when filled with items like a laptop, papers, umbrella and more.

11. Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase – The heavy duty choice

If you’re a smaller person who finds themselves needing to carry a lot of items for your class then consider getting this outstanding rolling briefcase. It comes with divided sections inside that make staying organized simple and easy.

It can easily fit a large laptop, accessories, folders, homework, your teacher planner, and personal items with ease. On the front, it has a large pocket for documents as well as side pockets.

For most, this is more geared as a travel suitcase. Still, due to its ability to roll, we found this option to be a perfect, versatile choice for any teacher needing convenient options to carry many heavy classroom-related items.


  • A do everything bag. Can travel with this, pull and roll on the ground and can carry a lot of things.


  • For your average teacher, this is probably unnecessary. Still made this list due to it’s functionality.

12. Bagsmart woman’s backpack – A laptop backpack for work and travel

The backpack is stylish, durable, and perfect for students because of its water-resistant polyester material, padded shoulder straps, and lightweight build. Its look is classy and stylish, making it ideal as a backpack for work, school, or travel.

It is also lightweight and fashionable, so it is a good choice for everyday use for outdoor activities and field trips.

This bag comes with two inner storage pockets and two front zipped pockets, so you can keep your things sorted however you like. There’s also a pickpocket-proof pocket for items you don’t want to lose, like your passport or credit cards. And finally, there are side pockets where you can stash a water bottle or an umbrella.


  • Stylish, multi-purpose backpack.
  • Strap on the back to easily attach to luggage.
  • Beautiful color when you see it in person.


  • Build quality is average, expect this to last a 2-3 years.

13. Lovevook laptop backpack – work centric design

This backpack is constructed from durable nylon fabric, with reinforced edges and a steel frame to keep the bag in good shape. The mesh shoulder straps are designed to allow air circulation around your shoulders, keeping them cool as you walk.

Perfect for everyday use as a teacher, this backpack is also stylish and spacious enough to fit everything you need for your class, travel, or outdoor activities.

This laptop backpack has multiple pockets to help keep your belongings organized. This women’s backpack also comes with enough organization options to ensure that all of your stuff stays in place. Additionally, the clear design of the backpack allows you to see everything that you have packed. Lastly you can charge your phone easily with an included pocket for a power bank.


  • Massive amount of storage.
  • Professional design, can be carried as a tote bag as well.


  • The bottom section of this backpack is surprisingly not as well padded so you need to be careful when putting it down.

14. Briefcase for women – The professional business bag

If you’re looking for a chic and understated briefcase for professional use, look no further. This ladylike bag is made with polished gold hardware and a coffee nylon-lined interior, giving it a sophisticated charm. You can carry it by the top handle or on the shoulder with the comfortable fully detachable wide cross-body strap.

This briefcase has a thick padded foam section with a Velcro strap closure to protect your 14″-15.6″ laptop or tablet from accidental impacts and scratches. It’s designed in purple Saffiano Eco-leather (a style of leather) with an embossed logo, which is a beautiful take on the modern classic style.


  • Professional briefcase with a lot of storage.
  • Beautiful color and highly functional design.


  • The straps could be better overall. If you get a color other than pink, the straps don’t match as well as we could like.

15. Splice canvas – Lightweight tote bag for work

This splice canvas bag is a simple, lightweight tote bag perfect for carrying items for the classroom, books, your laptop, and more. The size and strap length are well designed. You can easily swing it over my shoulder without getting your elbow getting caught on the strap.

This bag also un-compresses fully when you put it down so you can easily find whatever you’re looking for without it folding over. Last, the upper portion of the bag is a cream/beige color.


  • Lightweight, stylish bag with a big strap.
  • A step up from a basic canvas bag.


  • The strap design for specific colors does not match. The default brown color is probably best.

16. Etronik work backpack – Storage for lunch and your school gear

This work backpack is made of high-quality polyester fabric, and the double metal zipper is easy to open and close. The tote handle design also makes it easier to carry from classroom to classroom, it also has a breathable shoulder strap for comfort during warmer months.

This laptop backpack comes with a detachable, insulated lunch bag made of easy-to-clean aluminum foil and high-quality polyester fabric. It can keep food warm or cool for up to 4 hours so you can enjoy a quality meal during lunch.

Last, this backpack is designed with USB plugs and anti-theft pockets on both sides, so you can easily charge your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. There is also a keychain in the front pocket, so you can quickly find your keys for relevant doors, sheds or utility rooms around school.


  • Professional design, ideal for a teacher.
  • The built in lunchbox is quite helpful. You can swap it out of course for your own lunch box if you like.
  • Lot’s of sections to store items as a way to stay organized.


  • If your food leaks in the lunchbox/bag it could ruin this backpack and there is no way to get a replacement box.

17. Women’s professional work backpack – Lunch and school supplies in one

This backpack is designed for women and can be used as both a lunch bag and a laptop backpack. If you want to store food in the lunch bag, you can adjust the baffle of the lunch box to create space for it, eliminating the need to carry it separately.

Also, you can adjust the baffle to create more space for other items when you don’t need to carry a lunch box. The backpack also has a special compartment for storing your laptop.

Last, this backpack has a USB charging port on the side and also has a built-in charging cable, making it easy for you to charge your phone with your own power bank while on the go.


  • A professional, luxury design that matches business attire.
  • Lunchbox feature to take your meal prep with you.
  • Well organized with a good amount of storage.


  • Same as the previous backpack, the lunchbox feature is not leak or spill proof.

18. Damero Teacher Bag – The utility design for work

This work bag is perfect for commuting to and from school, business trips, the office, or even traveling. This all-in-one utility tote is not only great for teachers but also businesswomen, writers, and more. The padding surrounding the bag will keep your belongings safe, and the handles are long enough to go over your shoulder.

This set comes with one tote bag for a teacher and one insert bag. The felt fabric insert has multiple pockets to keep phones, chargers, teaching supplies, and more all in one place. dual handles make it easy to move from place to place as needed.


  • Great utility tote bag for meetings, classroom essentials and more.
  • Ideally sized pockets and internal storage.
  • Can carry large thermos and tumblers.


  • It feels a bit cheaply made. Build quality is fine but we don’t think this will last more than a few years with heavy usage.

19. Heavy duty canvas tote – an acceptable vegan budget choice

This canvas tote bag for work is stylish, large and comes with plenty of storage. The multitude of colors it comes with is great too for personal expression. For the price, it’s decent enough and a good choice if you’re using a tote for casual work use.

The built quality is average. The straps are thin and hard so if you overload this tote, it’s going to dig into your shoulders and the material this is made out of feels like recycled cotton. But if you’re looking for a vegan option this is a good choice as no leather is used in its construction.


  • Large tote bag to store lot’s of items for class.
  • Quality design to match a professional work environment.
  • Vegan choice.


  • The straps are thin and hurt if you overload this tote bag.

20. Tanto work bag – a briefcase tote bag combination

This tote bag is large and has two main compartments inside for storage. One section has a strap attached to keep your laptop secure. The other compartment can hold almost everything else you need for work such as an umbrella, drink bottle, purse, teacher planner and keys. It’s perfect for lugging things between work, school, or different classrooms.

This work bag is made of a high-quality, water-resistant fabric that is soft, durable, and easy to clean. All parts are well stitched together so you don’t need to worry about open seams. It also comes with a heavy-duty zipper system for smooth opening and closing. The inside dividers are wrapped with thick padding to make sure your computer is well protected.

Last, laptop tote bag doesn’t just look good, it’s functional with multiple pockets to store everything you need, plus a key holder.

21. Falanko work backpack – Multi-purpose

This work backpack for women has a rectangular frame that protects the mount and makes it easy to access items stored at the bottom. It is made with a water-repellent and durable nylon material, as well as sturdy metal zippers.

It is also designed to be stylish and fashionably roomy, making it a great choice for daily commutes, business trips, or carrying worksheets or homework that needs to be graded

This backpack has an adjustable and padded wide shoulder strap to relieve pressure on your back and shoulders. The luggage strap can be easily inserted and fixed to the handle of a trolley or suitcase, making it very convenient to carry.

It also has a USB charging port extended on the side of the backpack with a built-in charging cable inside, so you can easily charge your phone by connecting it to your power bank. Last, the front opening magnetic flap and back zipper pocket protect your belongings from being stolen.


  • A medium sized backpack that has a lot of storage capacity.
  • Large bottle holders on both sides of this backpack.
  • Beautiful design.


  • One annoying thing is that this bag falls forward regardless of how it’s packed. A minor inconvenience overall.

22. Laptop tote – A quality work bag for women

If you’re like many women, you need a laptop bag that is stylish and professional yet can also hold all of your essentials. That’s where this large messenger purse comes in. Made of high-quality canvas and coming in multiple styles, this bag is perfect for the working education professional.

It has plenty of room for your laptop, plus a number of other compartments and pockets that can hold everything from your folders, worksheets to your sunglasses. Plus, the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around when you’re on the go.


  • Well built design, don’t worry about overloading this bag.
  • Stylish design with multiple pattern options.


  • Uses snap buttons instead of a zipper which are not particularly effective.

23. Laptop purse bag for women – briefcase alternative

This laptop tote bag is an ideal day bag for busy women who want to look their best. This bag is spacious but not bulky, structured yet supple. It can be carried in several ways, and the body-friendly design makes it comfortable to wear over the shoulder or on the arm. This is a perfect work bag for everyday use.

It’s ideal for teachers as it is thoughtfully designed to be both lightweight and spacious, measuring in16.9″ x 5.7″ x 12.7″. It has a zip-top closure for security and an elegant curved design that will make you stand out from the rest. Whether you’re headed to the office or the weekend, this leather tote bag is a quality choice.


  • Elegantly designed for both form and function.
  • Use a strap or carry it via the handle.
  • Has a zipper, pockets and good logical internal storage.


  • It’s made of leather, if you’re wanting a vegan option this is not it.
  • Could have better padding around the laptop section.

24. Rolling Briefcase for Women – The convenient option

This rolling laptop bag was designed with a wide open main compartment and an additional laptop compartment to make it easy for you to store your laptop, clothes, books, paperwork, files, and all of your daily necessities for an overnight trip.

The two front pockets provide great organization for your wallet, pens, cards, and other small items. There is also a zippered pocket at each side that can be used for storing a water bottle or umbrella. Every compartment will keep your items well organized whether you are taking a business trip or going to the office overnight.

Push the button on this telescoping handle to extend it 24 inches and turn your luggage into a pull trolley case. When you’re not using it, just retract it into its zippered pocket. Its smooth, silent wheels make maneuvering through narrow walkways and tight corners a breeze. You can also carry it downstairs or put it in the car easily with its top two sturdy handles.


  • Well design with wheels and a push handle.
  • Stylish design and good storage layout.


  • Comes in one color only.

25. Matein 17 inch rolling backpack – For education professionals

The bottom panel of this water-resistant backpack is perfect for protecting against abrasion, while the corner guards and kick plate add an extra layer of protection. The corner-mounted wheels make it easy to carry, and the metal swivel hooks can be adjusted at any time. The lockable metal zippers provide added security for your valuables.

The breathable and adjustable straps of this bookbag can be tucked away into the zipper pocket so they don’t get in the way while the backpack is rolling. It can be used as a backpack when going up stairs or rolled when moving to a new area; 2 in 1 wheels backpack offers comfort and a casual style for day-to-day use, travel, or business trip for school.


  • Great build quality, highly durable.
  • Easily switch between a backpack or a rolling backpack.
  • Professional design for a workplace.


  • It’s 19.6 X 13 X 9 inch and weights about 5 pounds when empty. It’s big, but it’s not a huge backpack that can store a lot.

26. J World New York Sundance – Stylish rolling backpack

This is a small and stylish backpack made more for a student than a teacher. It made our list however because we love the size, style and functionality of this backpack. If you’re looking for something on the smaller size that can roll, we were happy with what J World has produced.

One aspect that stood out when compared to other options is that the laptop slot is properly padded. This should be a given in any backpack or tote bag but many on the list failed in this criteria.


  • Small and stylish.
  • Properly padded for your laptop or tablet.
  • A good amount of storage and pockets.


  • It’s a smaller backpack, if a lot of storage space is important then skip on this.

27. Vankaen Rolling Laptop Case – Premium choice for women

This bag is created from water-repellent canvas fabric. Its dimensions are 16.5″x14.5″x8,” and it weighs a little over 6 LBS when empty. This bag should generally fit in most overhead compartments and meet most airlines’ size requirements for a rollaboard under the seat.

The rolling laptop briefcase has two large compartments that can store a standard 15.6” laptop as well as other belongings. The padded compartment protects the laptops from impact, while the front pocket is ideal for holding pens and tablets. There are also zippered pockets on either side of the case perfect for storing an umbrella or water bottle.

This bag features a push-button telescoping handle and 2 silent wheels for more comfortable travel. The telescoping handle retracts into a zippered compartment when not in use. It also has dual in-line skate wheels for swift mobility while on the move. Moreover, the well-knitted strap makes it easy to fix the bag on the trolley, making your journey and business traveling more convenient.


  • Beautifully design, well built teacher bag.
  • Doubles as both a briefcase and rolling laptop bag.
  • Excellent padding and protection for your electronic valuables.


  • The telescoping lens is a bit flimsy at times, but it’s quite minor considering the overall quality of this product.

The Best Teacher Bags – Conclusion

Although it is important to keep in mind the practicality and functionality of a teacher bag, it is also essential to find one that will make you feel confident and stylish. By considering the different features offered by these bags and taking into account your own personal style, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

We hope you found this buying guide helpful. Happy teaching everyone.

Editorial Staff

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