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Online Teaching Companies Require TEFL Certificates

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language and it’s extremely helpful at making you a more effective foreign language teacher. You can get your TEFL certificate online with ease or you can do a program abroad where you will also get job placement.

Getting a TEFL certificate will fundamentally make you a better teacher. It will also help you qualify for better online teaching jobs as well as help you start with a higher base pay as this is becoming an ever more important ESL requirement.

You have a lot of options. Most online teachers simply need a TEFL to meet the employment requirements. For this, we suggest you use Groupon and get a massive discount on a TEFL course provided by Full Circle TEFL:

Full Circle TEFL – Budget Option

For $39 you can get a 160 hour TEFL certificate that will be accepted by online teaching companies. Click to get your coupon code.

Full Circle TEFL - Budget Option

If you’re wanting a TEFL certificate that is accredited by a governing body we suggest the following online course by

TEFL programs based outside the United Kingdom should be ACCET certified. ACCET was founded in 1974 and is recognized by the United States department of Education as a “reliable authority” in the area of teaching English as a foreign language.

Bridge TEFL – ACCET Certified Option

ACCET certified online courses. Upon completion you’ll be give a TEFL certificate. You need the 120 hour course or more for online teaching companies.

Bridge TEFL - ACCET Certified Option

Your last option is best for those looking to go on a bit of an adventure teaching English abroad. If that is you, we love International TEFL. While they do have online programs their selling point is that they are a company based out of Chicago that is made up of former ESL teachers who now provide in person TEFL programs around the world with job placement included.

If you’ve been wanting to teach English abroad, do an in person class abroad with job placement and go on a bit of an adventure check out with International TEFL Academy.

International TEFL – Teach Abroad Option

Excellent in person classes abroad with job placement. If you’ve been wanting to teach English abroad, simply click the button to learn more.

International TEFL - Teach Abroad Option

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