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So You Need to Take a Break and Go on Vacation.

Worried about your bookings? Don’t be. It’s totally normal to take a week off. Your student’s parents will understand. In this content, I’m going to explain to you how taking vacation time works with VIPKID and what you need to do to properly take time off – and no, it’s not as simple as just not opening hours.

Now, every online teaching company is different as it pertains to taking time off. Some companies like Magic Ears or Say ABC it is as simple as not opening hours, other companies like DADA will need a month in advanced.

Here is the process for VIPKID:

Step 1: Change Your Availability

Did you know you can adjust your availability in the VIPKID portal? Under the “courses” tab you’ll see a big orange button that says “change availability.” Once you click it, this light box will appear:

This lightbox is where you can specify to parents that you’re not available to teach during a specific time. While you don’t have to do this, it’s a good idea to fill out this form because it’s a way for you to properly communicate with parents and prospective students instead of just going MIA for a week or two.

Once you fill out this form and submit your details, on your teacher profile it will display to parents the time period you’re not available to teach and why.

Step 2: Modify your teacher profile

This step is optional but it’s a good practice to follow. For your current teacher profile, I would go in and add a sentence or two explaining why you will be absent. You don’t need to apologize and you also don’t need to go into great detail either.

Keep it short, sweet and professional. Something like: “I will be on holiday/vacation with my wonderful family between this date and this date. I look forward to teaching your son or daughter when I get back. Thank you and have a great day.”

Step 3: Do NOT Open Hours

Last is to make sure that you don’t open hours for the time you’re gone. You don’t want to have to cancel a class or two as it will hurt your chances of getting a raise. Also, give yourself some flexibility just in case anything goes wrong.

If you’re flying back on Sunday, give yourself Monday off too so you can rest and recuperate or worst, an extra day just in case something happens with your flight.

The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out about teaching online.

Step 4 – Go on vacation and relax

If you’re doing VIPKID 20+ hours a week, each week you’re going to need a break. It’s normal. Take a week off and just enjoy yourself and forget about online teaching.

Don’t worry about your bookings it won’t affect your booking rate. Don’t worry about needing to teach a little bit to stay relevant. Just take a week off and enjoy yourself.

Vacation Time Questions For Online Teaching

Let’s cover some frequently asked questions for taking time off as an online teacher.

Does taking vacation time affect bookings?

This question actually has a lot of components to it. If you’re a new teacher with no track record then I would suggest not taking time off until you establish yourself. But if you’re already an established teacher with hundreds of 5 apple reviews (VIPKID’s internal parent rating system) and have been doing VIPKID consistently, taking a week off will not hurt your bookings.

Can you teach online while on vacation?

This is a personal choice of course but yes a lot of teachers do and it’s one awesome thing about teaching with VIPKID. When I went to Koh Mak in Thailand I taught 3 classes a night from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Not every night, but enough to get 5 hours in all together on my week long trip.

To teach online while traveling can be stressful however so make sure everything is good to go before you decide to teach and travel. Get a good teacher tote bag to carry all your teaching supplies. Have your backup internet ready and make sure the place you’re staying in has a quite space for you to have an online class.

Is there a minimum amount of hours I need to teach?

VIPKID used to impose a 7.5 hour minimum (when they were in their growth phase) but that was done away with for tax purposes. As an independent contractor, it’s illegal to require a minimum amount of hours so now VIPKID has no minimum you need to teach.

For me personally I like to do 12 hours, 3 days a week which result in a nice 1k income.

Conclusion – Taking Time off With VIPKID

Taking time off with VIPKID is an easy process. Just make sure to communicate clearly with your students and their parents that you will be gone and to then simply not open any hours during your break.

Also, don’t feel guilty or worry too much about taking a week off. A lot of teachers make taking a week off a bigger deal than it has to be. It’s normal to go on vacation. Your students parents will understand so take a week off and enjoy yourself.


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