How To Get a Raise With VIPKID

By Editorial Staff •  Updated: 07/05/19 •  Teach Online

Want to get a raise with VIPKID but are not sure how it works? In this guide we’re going to explain all the required steps for meeting the raise requirements. To be honest, getting a raise with VIPKID is actually difficult but possible.

They are one of the best online teaching company to work with, but if we had to point out a big drawback, it would be the strictness with which raises are issued.

The current pay structure for VIPKID has been updated as of 2020 and all new teachers can expect a base rate of $7.50 per class (or $15 per hour) with a variable $1-2 bonus per hour added.

How to Get a Raise – VIPKID

1 – You must have taught with VIPKID for at least 1 year. On your third contract, you become eligible for a raise.

2 – You must have had less than 2 teacher no-shows for the year. To avoid missing class, use your phone as a hotspot for backup internet.

3 – A cancellation rate of less than 0.6%. Any no-shows are factored into this rate. You can check your stats under the “my info” tab in the VIPKID teacher portal.

4 – Have more than 1,200 completed classes. This averages out to 100 classes per month. Student no-shows count toward this.

5 – Have more than 600 peak-peak teaching (PPT) slot times completed. Peak times are the “hot” times you see when opening classes. You must teach 600 PPT classes over year.

6 – Have a 25% five apple feedback ratio. This one is tough as parents are not required to leave feedback. But VIPKID wants you to meet this ration.

Meeting the Raise Requirements

These are some pretty high standards to meet over the course of a year but it is possible. If you’re doing VIPKID full time, you should get a raise without issue if you do the work required over the course of a year.

$7 to $8 Base Rate Raise

If your base rate is between $7 to $8 you’re able to exclude one requirement (except for the 1,200 completed classes – that’s mandatory).

$8.50 to $9.50 Base Rate

If your base rate is above an average starting rate because you’ve already received a raise, you must meet all raise criteria to have a pay increase. No teacher with VIPKID is paid more than $10 for a base rate.


So there you have it. That is how you get a raise with VIPKID. If you meet the requirements to become a VIPKID teacher there is no reason why your base rate should be anything less than $7.50 an hour. You can get $8, but you need to do very well in the interview process. Want more pros and cons?

Click here to get started with VIPKID. It’s a process to get hired, but once you’re in, it’s fast, fun, easy money. You just teach and go.

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