VIPKID Pay and Salary Update Explained

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VIPKID, that platform where you can teach English online from the comfort of your home has updated their payment structure. If you’ve been wondering how much VIPKID pays, we’re going to break things down for you so you can understand how much per hour you can expect to earn with VIPKID.

VIPKID Pay Structure Explained

VIPKID now pays all new teacher $7.50 per 25 minute class regardless of qualifications or performance in the interview. This is a change from the old variable rate of $7.50 to $9 which was based on your interview. In reality, most teachers started at $7.50 or $8 per class.

As a VIPKID teacher you can expect to get a base rate of $15 per hour with a bonus of around $1.5 per hour based on the amount of class taught.

The current pay scale for VIPKID is found below.

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The way the new pay structure at VIPKID works is that it’s first based of how many classes you have taught. The more classes, the higher your tier. Then it’s based on how many classes you teach each month. The more classes, the more per class you earn.

Please note that the pay per class is not cumulative. That is, if you were teach more than 181 classes, only classes past 181 would be paid at the 181 class rate. The rest of those classes would be paid at their respective rates.

For most veteran teachers this is functionally a slight pay decrease of about $1 per class. But again, it depends on how many classes you teach.


Your base rate now will start at $7.50 an hour but it does not have to stay there. VIPKID has specific requirements to meet in order to get a pay raise (see our VIPKID raise requirements). Each raise is a .50 cent raise and maxes out at $10.

VIPKID Pay Structure Changed

The pay structure change has occurred for numerous reasons. First is to help make the company more profitable by cutting down on costs.

Based on their own internal analytics, they know most teachers are not teaching anywhere near 181 classes per month. To reach this goal, you need to teach about 23 hours a week.

That’s the equivalent of doing 5 hours a day Monday to Friday which is nearly impossible to get with VIPKID – or you have to teach 4 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Which again, has been made harder to do because of Chinese regulations requiring online class to stop at 8 pm Chinese time (which is a good thing, students should not be having class so late).

Most online teachers based in the US only do a handful of hours in the morning with a select few teachers doing 25 hours or more a week who are based abroad.

So in the end, the teachers who will benefit from this change are a few select veteran teachers who currently teach more than 23 hours each week. For them it will be a pay increase, for everyone else it will be a step back of about $1 per class for most teachers.

VIPKID Pay conclusion

Regardless, VIPKID is still a lucrative option compared to other online teaching companies. It is a great, fun way to make a nice part time income.

VIPKID provides the platform, course material and students. All you need to do is focus on teaching.


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