25 Reusable Water Bottles (for Teachers) You’ll Love!

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After your morning cup of coffee, a great way to stay professional and stay hydrated is to get yourself a water bottle for those back to back class schedules.

Not only do reusable water bottle help reduce your carbon footprint due to the decrease use of oil and plastics, it could potentially be healthier for you than drinking from a plastic bottle everyday.

What we look for in a water bottle

This list will detail what the staff here at Teach and GO like to use. Obviously, these are all personal choices, but we will outline the specific reasons why they were picked.

Also, since we’re trying to avoid plastic, only non-plastic bottles that are easy to wash made the list. In addition, we looked at aspects like:

So let’s get to our list of water bottles and tumblers that are ideal for teachers, school or any professional work environment.

1) The Iron Flask – The fancy choice

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We simply love the Iron Flask brand. It’s a unique take on a pretty boring product. The Iron Flask has a premium design to match your teacher attire and appropriate for any work setting.

It also comes with the ability to use a metal straw and can easily be washed. If you’re looking for something premium and unique, this is it.

2) Retro sports bottle – Hot or cold liquids

Another bottle from the Iron Flask brand, this bottle comes in over 12 creative and different styles to choose from. It’s a stainless steal bottle and you can put hot coffee or water inside with no issue. Last, it also comes with a handy cleaning brush for those instances where want to take something other than water with you to school.

3) The Coldest Water – Hot or cold thermal mug

What stands out about this options is that it does not sweat and make a pool of water underneath itself. It’s well built but not particularly durable. Meaning, don’t drop this thing on a hard floor because will likely be damaged.

Last, it lives up to it’s name. It keep the temperature stable of any hot or cold liquid you put inside for literally hours. It also has a little loop design to make for easy carrying.

4) Ello Devon – Glass tumblr

Not exactly a bottle per se, this large glass tumblr comes with a top to seal off liquids as well as a stylish sleeve that works as a comfy grip.

It’s an attractive option without all the fancy thermal options of other options. We suggest getting a proper metal straw for this as well as running it through a washing machine to make sure it’s clean.

5) Hidrate Spark – LED Lights

This is a creative choice that has LED lights on the bottom design to help you to remember to hydrate. It comes in multiple colors (not just black), is dishwasher safe and it keeps drinks cold without sweating.

As it has LED lights, you’ll need to make sure to keep the rechargeable batter charged and to not drop this bottle as it’s not durable.

6) Origin – The simple choice

A no frills option, the Origin bottle made the list because we like the clean, minimalistic design. It’s a glass bottle, with a BPH free lid and a green sleeve.

Use it, throw it in the dishwasher when done, simple.

7) Squire Me – Durable glass bottle

Made of borosilicate glass, this bottle is simply, stylish and durable. It does a good job of maintaining the temperature of any liquid you pour inside (hot or cold) and is dishwasher safe.

The sleeve is a rubbery silicone and the design comes in a bunch of different colors.

8) Sunkey – Glass bottle

This is perfect for any teacher who just wants a basic glass bottle. It comes with a bamboo screw-off lid and a carrying case. Nope, it does not keep liquids hot or cold.

What it does do is keep things simple. A large, durable glass bottle that will fit perfectly on your desk.

9) Favofit Water bottle – Motivational quotes

This is a fine water bottle made of BPA free tritan. It has a nice design with motivational quotes etched into the side of it. Last, it comes with both a strainer and a cleaning brush.

10) Hydro Flask – Multiple size choices

The hydro flask comes in a few different sizes, 18 ounces, 24 ounces and 32 ounces. We suggest getting the 18 ounce as it’s a small bottle ideal to put on your desk when teaching. The 32 ounce, while useful in it own right is simply too large. Maybe if you were going hiking instead of teaching the 32 ounce would make sense.

Last, it’s a nice simple bottle with rubberish top and it keeps liquids cold or hot reasonably well.

11) Tasa – Matte finish bottle

40 ounces

The logo does look similar to NASA, but the company is in fact called Tasa and they make some pretty stylish products. It does not sweat like a lot of bottles on this list but it also has a wide mouth so you can throw in some ice cubes as you like.

It keeps liquids cool for a long time and it has a straw you can drink out of for convenience and to keep the temperature of your drink stable.

12) Purifyou – Glass bottle

A no nonsense, durable glass bottle with a rubbery grip. This one is made of borosilicate glass like the Squire Me bottle and is resistant to heat than standard glass.

It comes in two sizes, a large 32 ounce version and a much smaller 12 ounce version. The 12 ounce is perfect overall, but the head of the bottle is a bit small so it could be difficult to clean.

13) Polar sports bottle – The sporty option

More designed for athletic use than a classroom, the Polar sports bottle is multi-purpose. If you have a bike it can attach to the cage with ease. It’s well insulated keeps liquids inside cold. Not the most stylish of bottles, but if you want something for the gym and the classroom, this could work.

14) Corkcicle Canteen – Stylish thermos

The Corkicle Canteen is a very stylish bottle that’s well insulated and keeps liquids hot or cold. It has a wide mouth to easily add ice and comes in multiple colors and styles. It’s not particularly durable so make sure to not drop it.

15) Fimibuke Half Gallon – The big bottle

This bottle is a half gallon, as such it’s on the large size. But it’s got such a lovely design with the black matte finish, straw and built in phone holder. It’s a great water bottle for both the gym and the classroom.

16) H20 Capsule – Beautiful, large and stylish

Like the previous half gallon option, this bottle is big, comes with a straw and a multitude of design options. Laura, our ESL teacher in Vietnam loves the floral bloom option and gets complimented on it regularly.

17) The Gym Keg – Another great, large bottle

To continue with out larger, half gallon options is the Gym Keg. A bottle more designed with the athlete in mind, this jug comes in a bunch of different designs and has a large wide mouth to put ice in. What we don’t really like is the lack of a straw and the “gym keg” branding on the bottle. But if you want an alternative, half gallon bottle this is not a bad choice.

18) Tree Tribe – Stainless steel

A beautiful, stainless steel bottle that is obviously quite durable, so you you should have no worries if it falls out of your bag. With a wide range of designs and graphics on the bottle, they will have a look that appeals most to you.

19) POP – Stainless steel bottle that’s insulated

Another great stainless steel bottle with a few unique designs (the wooden design is outstanding) and the subtle “pop” logo at the bottom. It’s a simple, insulated bottle that keeps liquids cold for a long time.

20) Cretoni Copper – The fancy bottle

This bottle lacks a lot of the features of other bottles with regards to straws, insulation to keep liquid cold and so forth. It made our list simply because of it’s classic copper style. If you want an attractive bottle that will match your stylish outfit for school, this is a good choice. Just be aware that cooper will oxidize over time with exposure to water.

21) Prura Pure Print – Copper bottle with design

Like the Credoni bottle, this too is another copper bottle but it comes with a gorgeous design you’ll love. Great for use in the classroom, the teachers office or even as a decoration in your home.

22) Buzio bottle – Stainless steel water flask

A great option for cold and hot liquids. It’s a stainless steel bottle with a great design, straw and it does not sweat. It comes in multiple designs and sizes from a classic bottle to more of a gallon design.

23) Stainless steel tumbler – The coffee drinkers choice

Alright, not so much of a bottle as it is more of a steel tumbler. But what you get is so great, an insulated large cup with a top and a metal straw. It’s a simple choice for the teacher that wants something effective and minimalistic.

24) Bearclaw tumbler – The bigger option

If you like the stainless steel tumbler, but want something a bit bigger, the Mallo Me Bearclaw tumbler is something you want to look at. It comes with a lid, insulated and a metal straw with an additional cleaning brush.

25) Fine Dine – Triple insulated

Ending our list is this excellent water bottle from Fine Dine. It’s insulated so it keeps liquids hot or cold, comes with a top and a flip up straw. It’s made of stainless steel and comes in a bunch of different designs.

Best water bottles for school

So that’s it for our list of the best bottles and tumblers for teachers at school. All of these bottles are a great choice for the working professional. If you enjoyed the post, consider pinning it on Pinterest.

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