9 Best iPad charging stations (and carts) for school

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As teachers, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of a modern classroom. iPads and tablets in general are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms for a wide range of activities from Blooket to Gimkit to Google Classroom.

But one thing often overlooked when implementing tablets in the classroom is the humble iPad charging station. Not only does this device ensure that all the tablets are ready to go and have the necessary battery power to stay engaged with technology in class, but they also create a sense of order and organization throughout your teaching space.

So what exactly should you look for when it comes to buying an iPad charging station or perhaps even a complete iPad storage cart? Let’s get to it!

Decide how many ports on the station do you need.

Although it’s alright to charge your devices in batches, you’ll still want a large enough storage system that can accommodate all of the tablets at the same time or perhaps in a simple rotation. Doing this will ensure the students remain focused on their education and away from any distractions like their tablets not being ready to go.

Some stations have more ports than others, so if students are working in groups or if each student will have their own iPad is something you’ll want to consider. Don’t forget about buying spare cables as well. While each iPad comes with its own cable, cables can break or be misplaced.

If you need security, then consider getting a charging station

Charging stations are big metal boxes that can be secured with a pad lock. These are useful to prevent theft. However, they can be a bit annoying in that most of the items we’ve dealt with only have storage capacity for 8-12 devices altogether.

So depending on your needs and the size of the class, 8 tablets may not be enough. Again, it’s your call. We’re just trying to help you decide as the worst thing that can happen is the tablets being stolen or broken because they are out and exposed.

Is mobility a requirement?

If a big metal box you can lock up or a small charging dock on a table in your classroom is not adequate, consider getting a mobile charging station on wheels. There are quite a few options out there and we’ve taken a look at some of the best, mobile carts you can move from classroom to classroom.

The best iPad charging stations for teachers

From simple budget options to high end security devices. Here are the best iPad charging stations, iPad charging carts for your classroom.

Belkin Charging Station For Laptops – Best option for classrooms

Charge up to 10 devices all at once with this compact and space-saving Belkin Charging Station. Its wide-angle slots make it compatible with most tablets and laptops, while its 10 AC outlets provide automatic surge protection from voltage spikes for total peace of mind.

Belkin Charging Station

Charge up to 10 devices (laptops and phones) with this affordable option.

This charging station is designed specifically with the modern K-12 classroom in mind, making it easy to keep students’ digital devices like tablets, laptops, and e-readers fully charged and organized. With its convenient portable design, this device charging station can be moved effortlessly between classrooms on standard AV carts or securely mounted onto a desk or table surface for added convenience.



Unitek USB Charging Station – 10 port choice

10 ports, a cool black design and you can adjust the compartment dividers to fit the thickness of the device you want to charge. It also is designed to prevent overcharging by turning off when whatever you have plugged in reaches 100%.

Unitek Charging Station

Adjustable dividers and designed to prevent overcharging.

This is a good choice for a classroom because 10 tablets is typically enough for a class, it’s small and it simply works. The only thing we didn’t like was how long the cord was for the power plug. It can make the device a bit messy with wires, but it’s not a huge issue. The compartment dividers are also flexible and bend. We wish they would be a bit more sturdy.

Again, this is a good device is you need a sleek and stylish charging station that works and your requirements are something simple.



SooPii Premium Charging Station – The best budget option

A simple, 6-port charging station that fits on your desk. With six ports and SooPii’s revolutionary “Power AI” and “Voltage Boost” technology, you can get the most powerful charge possible to any USB device at a rate of 50W.

SooPii Charging Station

6 ports and 50 watts of power per port.

This device includes two cables compatible with iPhones and iPads, plus two Micro USB cables and another two type-C cables to suit any Apple or Android phone or tablet. All cords are perfectly designed for optimal compatibility as well.

Last, you can customize the size of each compartment to your liking for different devices beyond the iPad. Overall if you need a budget-friendly device that’s small and just works then this charging station is ideal.



Pearington Pear cart – The best mobile option

Store and charge up to 16 iPads at the same time in this light weight charging cart. It’s a no frill cart that looks good, is easy to move around, and can charge multiple devices easily.

Pear Cart

Mobile charging station for schools. Assembly required.

Assembly of this cart however is a bit involved and can be frustrating. But once you have put it together, it’s good to go and you won’t need to make any further adjustements.

We like this mobile option the most because it’s ideal for a classroom environment. 16 slots are enough for most classrooms, it’s big but not too big, and the cart style looks good in a classroom. If you need a mobile charging station for a bunch of tablets this is a great choice.



ECR4Kids 30-Bay Charging Station Cart – Lockup your laptops and tablets

All teachers are familiar with the ECR4kids brand as they make a wide variety of helpful products for schools, teachers, and the classroom environment.

ECR4kids Charging Station

Well built, alloy steel charging station. It weights 80lbs roughly so it’s only a viable option for school or university.

This cart comes complete with a programmable keypad lock and an accessible back panel secured by two extra keys. With 32 built-in UL/cUL-certified outlets you can power up to 32 devices at once. Perfect for Chromebooks, tablets, or even laptops.

Easily move and secure this reliable storage unit in different classrooms without worry too with this secure and reliable laptop charging cabinet. Its powder-coated steel frame offers durable protection, while the two locking doors give you additional peace of mind. Plus, its ventilated panels allow for improved air circulation that helps to prevent device overheating. Protecting both your data and devices.



Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo – The teacher desk choice

Get organized and stylish with this simple bamboo charging dock. It’s an all-in-one organizer rack that conveniently fits up to five smartphones or tablets.

Bamboo Station

An excellent choice for a teachers desk or on top of a bookshelf.

This multi-device docking station is equipped with removable divider slots for personalized organization, cable management slots for a tangle-free experience, and anti-slip rubber legs to keep it securely fixed on metal, wood, or plastic surfaces.

It can also accommodates power strips and surge protectors up to 11” in length out of sight, transforming messy charging hubs into beautiful elegant stations. If you’re looking for a stylish, dock for 6 tablets max to put on your desk we like this option.



Upoy charging station – The super budget option

This device made the list because it’s small, cheap, and can fit on your desk, home office, or in a corner. It’s not a dock, cabinet, or rolling cart, it’s just functionally a vertical power strip.

Upoy Charging Station

The Sun Joe SPX3000® pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

However, we found it helpful because you can stack all your iPads on top of one another and plug them all in at the same time.

Allowing you to charge all your tablets at once in a clean, minimalistic way. Yes, this device is more intended for home use, but if you’re using a small amount of tablets in the classroom and need cheap options we can’t find anything better than this.



Toupuwan charging cabinet – Good alternative

This is a big, heavy (90 lbs!) and expensive mobile cabinet for tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks. It locks up for security purposes, it rolls and it can store up to 32 devices at once. It can even store up to 17 inch laptops.

Toupuwan Cabinet

90lbs cabinet for charging and storing laptops, tablets and more.

It’s built out of stainless steel, uses universal casters on the wheels and is simply built to last. This is our top pick if you need something with a large capacity for storage, security and something that’s built out of steel.



Ntonpower dock – Stationary slots

Last on our list is this simple charging dock with stationary slots. The slots are wide enough to accommodate 10 tablets with ease. It’s also a small device that’s easy to pack up and move from the classroom to home or an office.

10 Port Charging Station

Optimizes charging output for all connected devices.

The only issue we really found with regard to charging iPads is that it’s not a fast charge. It’s not slow either, but don’t expect a fast charge from this device. Also, the iPads fit best without any cover or case on them so be aware of that. If you’re looking for something with slots so you don’t have to worry about your students destroying or losing the separators found with other devices, then you’ll love this little black power dock.



The best iPad charging stations for teachers – Conclusion

So there you have it, the best overall iPad charging stations. From something simple that fits on your desk, to something more mobile like a cart, to a full secure metal cabinet. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to a charging station, dock, or cart. We hope you found this purchase guide helpful!

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