The 7 Best Paraphrasing Tools You Need to Know About

A paraphrasing tool rewords your articles and sentences with ease.

A paraphrasing tool is not only helpful in the online education space (and for ESL teachers) because it can speed up the mundane work performed day to day as an ESL teacher by rewriting student reports fast, it can also benefit students.

The word “paraphrase literally means to “speak in other terms” and is typically associated with saying something that is long and complex into a more simple and understood form.

This is the second advantage to using a paraphrasing tool, it rewords paragraphs into different forms as a way to help students understand the importance of what is being said, what should be remembered, and what can be ignore in a paragraph.

It can also help your students create content that is not plagiarized  by giving a good template with which to build off and add their own sentence structures onto. Creating a whole new and unique essay they can you for school.

What are some some of the best paraphrasing tools? Let’s get to it.

For these examples we will be using the following paragraph in each tool:

Drug kingpin turned entrepreneur and activist Mike Jones, founder of ConBody, needed a story that was authentic and respectfully articulated past that also conveyed his passion to create change in the wake of his personal mistakes.

Paraphrasing Tool #1 – Quillbot

This is the most popular free, paraphrasing tool. What it does is it automatically takes away, adds or changes words in order to create a brand new sentence.

Let’s see how it performed:

Not bad. What I like about Quillbot is that it gives you the option to “requill” and have it come up with something new. Sometimes you’ll get sentences that are pretty poorly written, other times you’ll get minor changes like the above example.

Quillbot, for being a free tool was simple and easy to use. By reworking and article enough times, you could come up with something fairly unique if you’re willing to put in the work and add a bit more too it.

Paraphrasing Tool #2 –

A very clever and original domain name if I do say so, is another free tool to spin text in order to create new content. Curious to see how it performed? Let’s throw our paragraph in and find out!

Wow, terrible, just terrible. What the heck is a medication boss? Turned business person and extremist? Ha, this actually me laugh at how silly this became. Now, if you were looking to create content that was totally different I would give this tool an A+ in terms of it’s ability to spin content. But if you’re looking for something to paraphrase, this is not actually a paraphrase tool. It’s an article spinner more ideal for SEO.

Unlike Quillbot where I could simply click a button to “requill” the article and come up with something different, with Paraphrasing tool I would need to enter a captcha each and every time.

Paraphrasing Tool #3 – EDU Birdie 

EDU Birdie’s paraphrasing tool works a little different than the others. First it highlights various words within the text and then for each highlighted word you’re able to select an appropriate synonym. The end result being a fairly unique article.

Let’s take a look:

Overall I was not too impressed with this tool. It’s quite manual and the synonym options were pretty poor making the sentence structures totally illogical.

Paraphrasing Tool #4 – Rewriter Tools

Rewriter tools is built in the same manner as Quillbot. It’s easy to use, automatic and it transforms a piece of text well enough to form the foundation of a new article.

How did it perform? Let’s take a look:

Not bad. Some sentence structures make little sense, but overall it gives enough variety where you could take this paragraph and switch a few things around in order to create a unique piece of content.

Paraphrasing Tool #5 – Project Topic

Project Topic did well at creating a unique article. What I liked about Project Topic was that it’s paraphrasing tool allow me to “ignore” specific words in the text. This could be helpful for say a teacher who does not want the software changing a students first and last name on a whim.

I did not like however that I had to submit and then resubmit a captcha in order to have the software “do over” the article if I was not happy with what came out the first time.

Paraphrasing Tool #6 – Article Rewriter

The article rewriter tool was one of the best tools on the list for adding in more sophisticated words that made the sentences sound more natural and not like a robot wrote them. Take a look:

The only thing I found annoying about Article Rewriter was the use of a math problem as a captcha. The math problem is written in word form but you’re supposed to answer with a number. Also, when the answer to the problem was a negative number (like what is four minus ten), it would not accept my answer. 

So I had to refresh a few times in order for it to give me a math problem that could be answered with a positive number.

Paraphrasing Tool #7 – Prepost SEO

The worst on the list, Prepost SEO created text that was confusing to read and would require the same amount of time to fix it as it would take to simply write something new and coherent. Prepost SEO I suspect is using  the same software as numerous other “free paraphrasing tools” because the first 6 tools on this list created fairly unique content while the rest of the tools (including Prepost SEO) all created similar results. 

Take a look:

Activist microphone?  Conjointly sent? Form a modification within the wake of his personal mistakes? I have no idea why this software would choose any of these words. There are many other options, I would pass on this tool.

Conclusion – What is the BEST Paraphrasing Tool?

Depends on what your goals are. If you’re looking to take an article and create something totally new out of it, I would choose the very originally named This free paraphrasing tool provided the most unique and coherent text of the tools tested.

The next best for smaller projects like rewriting student feedback I would use something like Quillbot to get the job done. Quillbot was fast, simple and easy to use. It also provided good overall results.