5 best Complex Sentence Generators

by Teach and Go Staff | Last Updated: November 5, 2021

Grammatically speaking, a complex sentence is simply a sentence that contains at least one independent clause and one dependent clause. A complex sentence generator simply helps you rewrite sentences, sort of like a paraphrasing tool.

We think the confusion comes down to the search intent behind people looking for complex sentence generator. While from a grammar perspective a complex sentence is one thing, most native speakers would simply want to find a tool that can help make a generic, boring sentence more complex with a better selection of vocabulary.

Complex sentence generators rewrite sentences

We reviewed and tested the top 5 best complex sentence generators on the internet. They are a mix of free and paid to use, and will give you a large number of different sentences with just the click of a button You can generate topics for your writing assignments or even blog posts if you need some inspiration.

Please note that these “complex” sentence generators simply mix up the vocabulary and use synonyms to make a simple sentence more interesting an complex (but not from a grammatical standpoint of adding on an independent or dependent clause).

The sentence we will be using in this example review

For this review, we will be using a few different generators and will be using the same exact sentence each time to keep things fair. Our sentence will be a proper complex sentence with an independent and dependent clause:

“Brian was happy to have ran in the race, even though he didn’t win.”

CS Generator – The Best Free Option

CS Generator is usually one of the top 3 sites that will pop up when you go looking for “best complex sentence generator” and for good reason. It makes a boring sentence more complex with better vocabulary. Take a look at the results below:

Overall not bad. We liked the use of the word jubilant and albeit, two under under used words more forget about as a way to express emotion. As you can see, CS Generator simply rewrote the sentence and swapped out words.

Conversion AI – The best professional writing assistant tool

This our writing tool we use here at Teach and GO to help us create content fast. It uses AI to write, expand and rewrite paragraphs fast. Once you get the hang of it you as an individual can crank out 4000 words of text daily in 1.5 hours.

While not a replacement for hiring a writer or doing the writing yourself, it is a seriously big help and tool we think is essential for any teacher needing to write essays, research papers and more. So, how did Conversion AI do? Let’s find out:

Conversion AI for the win. This rewrite happened at the click of a button, if you did not like what came out you simply click the blue button to make it try again. But this rewrite is great. It’s better than the original but not over the top with overly verbose language.

Conversion AI

An AI writing assistant that speeds up your writing. A great choice for any teacher looking to write faster and easier.

conversion ai

Quillbot – The classic rewrite tool

When it comes to online generators and writing tools, Quillbox is a free browser-based tool that tends to show up whenever there’s discussion about online writing assistants.

It has a good reputation for being one of the more user-friendly generators, and it’s definitely one to consider. Best of all, it’s totally free to use. So how does this perennial option stack up?

Fantastic results out of Quillbox. In particular, we like how they keep updating and improving this tool for writing complex sentences. Now you can adjust the style of writing from creative to formal as well as adjust the synonyms. Though that last feature is locked behind a paywall.

SEO Tools Centre – A mediocre option

So at the bottom of the list is SEO Tools Centre. They provide a few different writing options with regards to paraphrasing tools, a comma checker and their complex sentence generator but compared to the other options on the list for creating more complex sentence they were average:

The choice of using “within the race” is simply not correct and is something that perhaps a non-native speaker would write or say. As such, this tool is not efficient as you’ll need to rewrite the rewrite it provides.

Lingo Jam – A good, simple tool

Last is Lingo Jam. It’s very similar to CS Generator and produces similar quality and similarly written sentences. As such, there is nothing that really stands out about using this tool. But if you’re looking for a free alternative to Conversion AI or just something different that CS Generator it’s a decent choice. So how did it do? Take a look:

Lingo Jam decided to throw in jubilant but it did not change the dependent clause of the sentence. Overall it simply changed one word. Not exactly what we were expecting from an online tool.

Best online online complex sentence generator for compound sentences and more

Overall we here at Teach and GO are sticking with Conversion AI for out complex sentence, rewriter and expander tool. It’s a paid tool, but it’s incredibly helpful for what we do, writing content. If you’re looking to just rewrite a sentence or two here and there then obviously you’ll want to stick to CS Generator or Quillbot.

But if you’re a professional teacher who’s doing a lot of writing we strongly suggest you test run Conversion AI. You can sign up for a free trial and you pay month to month. If it’s not for you simply cancel.

Conversion AI

An AI writing assistant that speeds up your writing. A great choice for any teacher looking to write faster and easier.

conversion ai