6 Excellent Green Screens for Online Teaching

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Green screens for Zoom virtual backgrounds, ManyCam, and online teaching platforms make for a surprisingly easy, fun, and professional background. While it may seem intimidating from a technical and cost standpoint, green screens are affordable and easy to use.

A green screen may be right for you, as having a good, thoughtful teacher background for your online class is essential. We have our dedicated guide on some quick and easy design options for your teacher background, but it may be a good idea for some teachers to get a green screen and use a virtual background.

Are Greenscreens expensive and complicated?

Most of us associate green screens with big expensive movie productions. That a green screen is costly to purchase and confusing to use, but the reality is that green screens can be small, affordable, and easy to pack up and put away.

On top of that, you can take advantage of using various apps like Many CamZoom, or Skype that can use a custom virtual background.

How do they work?

Greenscreens work by way of chroma-keying. It’s a process of having one solid color that can be made transparent in either post-production (or live in a Zoom call, for example) by having the image, video, or footage positioned beneath the color and then blanked out.

Green is the most popular color because our skin tone and hair don’t match the color green. You can’t wear any green clothing, but the chroma-keying process works with any color, not just green (blue is the second most popular color).

What to look for in a green screen for a virtual background

You have a few different options when purchasing a green screen. You can get something as simple as green fabric from any store or buy a simple and affordable green screen kit.

You need to take care and make sure your greenscreen is free of wrinkles and various creases, as it makes the chroma-keying process more difficult.

Next, you’ll need enough material to cover the area behind you and a way to hold up the greenscreen. Some teachers tape their greenscreen to a wall; others use a hangar to hold everything up.

Green Screens for online teachers

So what are the best options for teachers using Zoom, Many Cam, or a platform like VIPKID that supports a chroma-keying background? Here are some options we like at Teach and GO:

Julius Studio – The Basic Choice

Simple and basic.

This is an uncomplicated, no-frills green screen. It comes in at a 5-foot width and a 10-foot height. It’s not too big, but it is on the larger side, so just be aware that you will need a bit of space to get this screen setup.

It also has nothing to help hold the green screen up, so you must improvise. Either tape it to a wall or get a dedicated green screen stand like this Emart backdrop stand.

It’s just a simple, primary, easy-to-use option. Be careful not to wrinkle it when you put it away. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend some time ironing out creases.



Elgato Green Screen – The Collapsible Option

Extend and collapse.

The Elgato Green Screen is a unique option simply because it comes with a built-in stand that is also collapsible when not in use. You take it out, expand it, the material is held tight so there are no wrinkles, and then you can put it away when done.

This option is a bit more expensive than we would like, but it works well. You take it out, extend the screen, and everything locks. Then when done, it collapses, and you can put it away.

The case it’s stored in is aluminum, so it’s built to last, and overall it’s just easy to take out and put away. The advantage of this setup is you never need to worry about wrinkles, creases, or storage.



Neewer Chroma Key – The Small Choice

Smaller and round.

Are you looking for something small and simple? These Neewer Chroma Key Blue/Green backgrounds work pretty well. They come in at five by 6.5 feet on the smaller side but a bit bigger than you would think.

These are perfect to set up right behind your chair and ideal for using a smaller chair when teaching. They are also convenient for the on-the-go teacher. While not the easiest to fold up, it’s a small light item to put into your backpack once you get the hang of its itbackpack.

Also, we like that it comes in blue. Green is a jarring color, so it’s nice you can get something more visually appealing for your home.



Yesker Video Studio – The Pro Option

Big, proper screen.

For most online teachers, this is excessive. But this is an excellent choice for a professional green screen kit for online classes, Zoom, Manycam, and YouTube videos.

It’s 5.9 feet by 9.5 feet, making it a comprehensive and tall option. Perfect if you ever need to capture a full-body pose. Could you make sure you have enough space for this to fit?

Overall, this green screen works and is reliable for home use. Just make sure to get a stand for it as it’s just the cloth material.



Emart Photoshoot – The large, cheap choice

Includes clamps.

This is another basic greenscreen. It only comes in green and has no stand, but you get clips to mount it onto any bar. It’s the most budget option for the large green screens.

Throw this over a window or clamp it onto any stationary bar. The material is a bit cheap and wrinkly due to how it’s folded, but this is fine for a simple purpose like a virtual background for online teaching.

Again, it would be best to determine how best to hold this up in your home. You can also purchase various stands for use in your home office.



Chroma key paint – The DIY Solution

Latex paint.

Did you know you can buy chroma key paint? We only once our community manager Brad bought some and paint a piece of cardboard.

Honestly, we’re pretty surprised by how effective this paint is. While there are better solutions for most (as we suggest getting a budget green screen), you can paint a wall or a piece of cardboard and setup a DIY green screen.

This is ideal for an actual school. Have a section of the computer room painted with this stuff so you can teach your students Photoshop and video editing skills.

You may want to paint a small section of your home or, as Brad did, some cardboard to have a consistent green screen effect.



Non reflective green muslin cloth

When buying a green screen you’ll see the word “muslin” thrown around a lot. This is a specific type of material that is not reflective and easy to iron. The reasons you want this is because you need a consistent background.

Any wrinkles, creases or reflective light bouncing off the green screen will hamper the overall effect. Which is why paint and using cardboard is workable idea too.

Lighting for online teaching

If you do decide to tryout a green screen (and why not, their not that expensive) make sure you have decent lighting. Here at Teach and GO we have a dedicated guide as to the best lighting for video for online teachers.

Lighting is important when using a green screen because it helps with the separation of the subject from the background.

Consider getting a dedicated stand

With a green screen, a small option like Neewer circles can be attached to your chair. Other options are to tape it up or drape it over a window. If you want a professional solution, get a dedicated T shape stand specifically designed to hold up this sort of material.

Optional stand.

While it does add a bit to the cost of the more budget green screens, it is a solution that will just work.

Best green screens for online teaching conclusion

That’s it for our guide on using a green screen with any chroma key-friendly software like Zoom or Manycam. Also, if you’re working with an online teaching company, you can contact them to see if their video effects work with a green screen.

It’s an overall great way to create an engaging and dynamic online class setting for young learners and it’s simple to setup. Make sure to checkout our guide on the best virtual backgrounds for online teachers too.

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