Backpacks For Teachers – Our 8 Favorites and Why

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Backpacks are of course a personal choice in terms of style. But teachers do have particular needs in a backpack that fit the nature of our work. A backpack for a teacher (and really any working professional) needs to be not too big, but not too small.

We’re also not going on a camping, but we do need something with enough space than something designed for a 10 inch tablet and a book. Last, it also needs to look cool and match with professional attire.

When it comes buying a backpack for a teacher, there are some essential things that need to be taken into consideration. Here at Teach and GO, our writing staff of online teachers all use different things to stay organized.

Most of our female writers prefer using a teacher tote bag. A lot of the stay at home teachers have a home office and prefer to use a rolling cart to keep everything organized and then you have the more mobile online teacher who would like to use a backpack.

The right size

Backpacks can become quite large and unnecessarily cumbersome. If you’ve ever traveled no doubt you’ve seen the backpacks some travelers choose to use as their everyday carry. It’s inappropriate for a teacher.

You need something larger than a should bag because you’re going to be carrying a laptop, accessories, papers and even teaching props. But you don’t need something designed for long term travel.

Looks good and matches the working adult

As a teacher, you need something designed for professional use because a lot of us also have day jobs at schools. A backpack for a teacher should match professional attire but be flexible enough for causal use.

Well thought out organization

Backpacks for working professionals should have the right organization and storage capacity built in. It should have a place to put your laptop and all your various accesories with ease. It should also have the space to put everything without maxing the backpack out in terms of storage.

Best Teacher Backpacks

A backpack is a great choice for a teacher to stay organized. Here are the 8 best backpacks for teachers and any sort of working adult available:

  • Matein Professional Backpack
  • Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack
  • Tumi Voyageur
  • OGIO – Metro Pack
  • Yorepek Laptop Bag
  • KROSER Laptop Backpack
  • Modoker Vintage
  • Unique Retro Vintage

Matein Professional Backpack – Best Budget Backpack

Perfect for travel and work. Click to check it out.

The Matein backpack is at the top of the list for a whole bunch of reasons. Low price point, great design, durable and excellent organization. If you’re in the market for an awesome backpack for both travel and work then we can’t emphasis how much we love this backpack for teachers.

For the price, the Matein backpack exceeded our expectations. Weather resistant, tons of pockets and ability to store large items like a laptop. It’s also light weight and it’s an alternative to your standard basic black backpack. I for one prefer black backpack but if you want something that stands out a bit more, get this classy design.


  • Water resistant
  • Storage
  • Lightweight
  • Powerbag built in


  • Comes in one color

Everki Atlas – The Professional’s Backpack

Great design for the working adult.

If you’re a frequent traveler, teacher or working professional the Everki Atlas is designed for you. This large backpack for a teacher and working adult has the right design so when it’s packed with all your gear, it weights down on your shoulders more so than your lower back like a lot of other backpacks do when packed.

It’s also large enough for you to comfortably carry all your stuff. As an online teacher myself I need a backback that can allow me to store my laptop, a small whiteboard, a tablet, random accessories as well as props and anything else I need.

With a great design for both men and women, the Everki Atlas is the backpack is perfect if you need a quality backpack for teaching and traveling for years to come.


  • Plenty of storage for a teacher to stay organized.
  • Weight balance with this is perfect. Can load it up and it’s not uncomfortable to war.
  • Excellent for men or women.


  • No power bag feature.

Tumi Voyageur – Beautiful Backpack for Female Teachers

Stylish and functional.

This is a gorgeous backpack your friends and strangers will ask you about. With a stunning design for the teacher and traveler in us all, the Tumi Voyageur has that right mix of storage, design and organization you’ve been looking for.

Need a backpack that can carry your gym clothes, a pair of shoes, teaching props, a laptop, snacks and anything else a teacher needs then this bag is an excellent choice. It’s a professional looking enough to use as a teacher but at the same time has a great look for a work bag.


  • Ample storage.
  • Great design.
  • Medium size but excellent carrying capacity.


  • Designed for women – sorry guys

OGIO Metro Pack – Large carry all for men

Great backpack for men. Click to learn more.

I was turned on to the brand OGIO during my time at PWC before I went to Thailand to teach English and follow the the ESL path. OGIO makes excellent backpacks for male teachers in particular because they are so large.

The thing I love about the OGIO brand is that these things have A LOT of carry capacity. I can store my 15 inch laptop, my tablet, a white board, props, clothing, random toys I use in the online class all with ease. If you’re a guy and are looking for a quality mid range backpack check out the Metro Pack by OGIO.


  • Professional design. You can take this backpack to work and not stand out for all the wrong reasons.
  • A ridiculous amount of storage. Perfect for travel and teaching.


  • Heavy. Even with just a laptop and accessories some may find this to be a bit heavy.
  • More geared for men than women.

Yorepek Laptop Bag – The BIG Backpack

Three slots. Clothes, props,a laptop and more.

This backpack is the backpack for anyone looking for something big. I know most teachers don’t want or need anything too big, but no list would be complete without at least mentioning all your options.

The Yorepek laptop bag is large bag with a sleek design. Black accented by red, this bag is more geared for teachers and any sort of professional. It’s water resistant, has a nifty headphone hole at the top and comes with a USB charger.


  • The biggest backpack on the list. This thing is awesome for storage.
  • A built in USB charger comes in quite handy in random situations.
  • Water resistant.
  • Neutral design for men and women.
  • Even when fully loaded, it’s still comfortable.


  • Big and heavy. Just know what you’re getting.

KROSER Backpack – Stylish Day Pack For Teachers

Excellent mix of design and storage

The last two backpacks for teachers we’re seriously heavy duty. The Kroser backapack is instead a nice mid range backpack both in terms of size and price. Designed to double as a day pack but still be professional enough for a teacher. This backpack has a lot of useful design features you’re going to love.

While it may look like a tote bag, it actually comes with a padded back and straps because it is in fact a backpack. While not the most sophisticated on the inside in terms of storage, it gives you enough storage space for both a laptop and your teaching material.


  • Great lightweight design.
  • Built in USB port for a power bank.
  • Can fit a 15 inch laptop and gear with ease.
  • Stylish and professional. Perfect backpack for women for meetings and an office environment.


  • It’s designed for women, if you’re a guy keep looking.
  • It’s a medium sized backpack. If you want big, this backpack is not it.

Modoker Vintage – The Budget Backpack

Just a simple no frills backpack

This is one of the most affordable backpacks on the market today. While not the most stylish, it has enough style and design to fit a teacher. It’s really just a simple, no frills medium sized backpack designed to carry your stuff around with ease.

Durable, lightweight and simple. If you’re one of those people who just want a simple and affordable backpack, this is it.


  • Perfect for anyone who just wants a simple affordable backpack.


  • No bells and whistles. Water resistant? No. USB port? It’s clunky. Can you store a lot in it? Kind of.

Unique Retro – A rugged backpack for men

Your friends will envy you.

While we are teachers, not every male teacher is going to want your basic black backpack nor do we want something that is a bit too stylish and effeminate. This backpack is a cool, rugged backpack that is more geared for the traveling online teacher who does not need to be taking a backpack to a classroom or office meeting everyday.

If you’re wanting something a bit different than what everyone else is using, this leather wonder from Unique Retro is a fun choice because it has excellent organizational capacity built in and it’s leather.


  • Rugged, masculine backpack for men.
  • Pockets for excellent storage. Awesome for any male online teacher.
  • Medium sized so it’s comfy for everyday use.


  • It’s leather backpack. No bells and whistles with this one.

Best Backpacks For Teachers – Conclusion

So that’s it for this list of excellent backpacks for teachers. What do you look for in a backpack as a teacher? As an online teacher myself and frequent traveler I particularly love my OGIO backpack. It’s not right for everyone, but it’s has the right mix of storage and professional appeal.

You have a lot of options, most teachers who want a backpack tend to opt for the the first two on the list. The affordable Matein and the more premium Atlas.

Editorial Staff

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