Palfish Review: How To Apply and $15 an Hour

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Update – Palfish has now implemented a hiring freeze due to the recent ban of online teaching in China. This ban only affects students under age 18 and not adults.

Palfish is an online teaching app similar to Cambly and Boxfish. You simply download the app to your Android or IOS device (phone or tablet is fine) and then submit the required information to start teaching.

You as the teacher provide conversation services to language learners from around the world. You simply sign up, create a profile and then submit a text intro, an audio intro, your nationality and any teaching certificates you may have (like a TEFL).

Palfish Kids Course

Teach online from your phone. Apply to the kids course to make over $20 an hour.

Is a TEFL required for Palfish?

It is strongly suggested you have a TEFL at a minimum. You can still apply if you don’t have one however. This is a new change implemented in March 2019 to stay compliant with Chinese law. It should be noted that you can still teach without having a degree. This may seem a bit unfair, but again teaching English is an in demand profession. You would not want to learn Spanish from “some guy” with no experience teaching correct?

China has simply implemented regulations to verify the quality of teachers. In the long run, it’s a low barrier to entry and a cost of doing business.

What the app looks like once you download it:

How To Get Started Making Money witth Palfish

Here is how you get started making money with Palfish:

1 – Download the app and register

Getting setup with Palfish is quick and easy. Click the link then register by inputting your phone number and install it on your device. Once installed, go through the process of verifying your phone number and then creating a profile.

With your profile you can upload a picture (something appropriate for a teaching platform) and give your account a user name. As others will see this username pick something appropriate like TeacherMike293 and not something silly or random.

2 – Complete your account

Here at, the biggest issue most online teaching companies face is new users not completing the registration process. With Palfish you need to submit a text intro, an audio intro, your nationality and any relevant teaching certificates. These requirements are quite simple compared to other companies like VIPKID or SayABC.

Text intro:

Write a short introduction paragraph about yourself. Keep the language simple and just get to the point: “Hi my name is Bradley and I’ve worked as an ESL instructor at various schools in Thailand. I know how difficult learning to speak like a native speaker is and I’m excited to start working with you.”

For the text intro keep it focused on how the student benefits. Your certifications and background are nice but remember, people are selfish and want to know how you will benefit them. Don’t drone on about your masters degree and how you like dogs.

Audio intro:

The audio intro is a 30 second voice recording. The purpose of this is so prospective students can hear what you sound like and any accent you may have as a way to make a decision to work with you. Focus on being clear and friendly. For the audio intro, I would simply read the text intro or adjust the text intro slightly into an audio recording.

Nationality and Certificates

Put your nationality in and upload any certificates like your degree or a TEFL certificate you have. You’ll also have to prove your nationality so be prepared to upload your passport or drivers license.

To upload via the app, simply go on your laptop and email a scanned copy of your degree to your email. Then go back to your phone and download it so you can upload it to Palfish.

3 – Set Your Rate

With Palfish you get to set your rate. With a new account, you need to set your rate low so you get bookings and reviews. Once you have a few positive reviews and are making gains, then increase your rate slightly. We suggest starting a 1 RMB a minute with a brand new account.

4 – Invite Friends

Palfish has a referral program where you can make extra money inviting your friends or prospective students to using Palfish. Currently Palfish pays 20 RMB for new teachers approved by Palfish. That means you only get paid is someone you refer actually becomes a teacher and starts teaching class.

Palfish Free Talk vs Kids Course

With Palfish, you’re able to conduct conversations once you submit all the required information. This is known as the Palfish free talk program. They want teachers who are native English speakers obviously.

The specific requirements apart from wanting teachers to have a TEFL are unknown, but it appears that so long as you’re a native Speaker (like English South African and not Afrikaans) you’re able to get bookings.

Palfish Kids Course

How to Apply To The Palfish Kids Course

The Kids Course by Palfish works in the same way as it does with other online teaching companies. You MUST be a native English speaker with a degree to apply for the Kids Course. Free Talk is still open if you don’t fit this requirement.

The next step after is to fill out your introduction (see the previous section on completing your account) and then apply to the Kids Course. For this you’ll need to give some background into relevant teaching experience and have a your profile completed.

Once accepted, you’ll be invited to book a demo lesson. If you pass the demo lesson, you’ll be accepted into the Official Kids Course.

Palfish Pay: How Much Can You Make?

You can easily be making $15-25 an hour with Palfish. The great thing about Palfish is that you have access to free talk with gives you a lot of flexibility in your schedule and you can also set your own rates. With free talk you work whenever you want as you’ll be having conversations with adults.

You can also be apart of the Official Kids Course with Palfish. You’ll be paid a higher rate than you would be paid with Free Talk and it’s more structured as you’ll have scheduled classes. The combination of these two things allow you to get a lot of hours week to week on your terms.

It does take time to get established as it does with any platform so get started now so in a month or two you’re making a good income with Palfish.

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