5 Excellent Tablets For Online Teachers

The majority of online teaching classes are done through the use of a laptop with a built in webcam and a pair of headsets with a built in microphone.

But there are a handful of platforms that allow you to teach on your phone. The most popular one being Palfish. While a lot of Palfish teachers love the flexibility of being able to teach on a smart phone, it is much more convenient to use a tablet as an alternative.

A tablet has numerous advantages over a smart phone:

Bigger screen

A tablet can range from a mini tablet that has a 7 inch screen all the way up to a large, 12 inch screen marketed at professionals. Regardless, a tablet has a much larger screen which makes class easier and more enjoyable for all involved.

By having more viewing space, it makes the actual class easier to complete because tablets have a touch screen like a phone, but also can come with a stylus typically.

Better battery life

A full charged tablet lasts a lot longer than a phone does. Because tablets are larger devices they have bigger built in batteries.

This make a fully charged tablet a fun and easy device to teach online with as you don’t have to worry about the battery dying, or worse, have some complicated setup where your phone is plugged in and charging while you have headphones plugged in and are teaching at the same time.

Separation of work and play

It’s good to separate your work environments whenever possible. While I personally use my laptop for teaching with VIPKID, I use my tablet for leisure.

As a Palfish teacher, you could use keep your phone for personal use and instead use a tablet as a work related item.

5 Best Tablets for Online Teachers

When looking for a tablet to buy a tablet there are just a few things to take into consideration. First is the operating system. Apps only work with Android or IOS so you can’t use a Kindle Fire tablet for Palfish (other ESL sites suggest a Kindle Fire for some reason – they have not done their research).

Next, you need to take note on the front facing camera. Most tablets have an excellent picture taking camera and a mediocre front facing camera. As long as the front facing camera is 2 MP or better you’re good to go. Here are the tablets we suggest for online teaching with Palfish and other apps:

  • Galaxy Tab A 8
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • iPad Air
  • Apple iPad Pro
  • Nexus 7

Galaxy Tab A 8 Inch – Best Table For Teaching

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The Galaxy Tab A 8″ is the smaller model of the Tab A 10.1″ and it tops the list for one main reasons. It meets all the requirements you need for teaching English online with Palfish.

An awesome 5 MP front facing camera, bright and colorful touch screen, lot’s of internal storage, long battery life and it’s small and light weight.

It has all the features of the 10.1 inch model but it simply comes in a smaller package and less weight.


  • Wonderful touch screen that is both colorful and vibrant.
  • Long battery life.
  • Multi-purpose. You can teach, read and use this work work related purposes
  • Lightweight.
  • Sexy black design.
  • Lot’s of internal storage built in.
  • The best front facing camera on the list apart from an iPad Pro


  • No stylus.
  • Headphones are mediocre.

Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ – Best Mid Range Tablet

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The Galaxy Tab A is a 10.1 inch tablet that is wonderful for online teaching with Palfish. It comes with a beautiful touch screen, a lot of internal storage, a handy stylus and it has some weight to it so it feels like a book.

This tablet comes with it’s own case that is designed to prop up the tablet at different angles and is multi purpose. Because the screen is 10.1, videos can be watched in full HD. It’s also a comfortable device to use as a reading device.


  • Excellent touch screen that is colorful and vibrant.
  • Comes with a stylus, quite useful once you start using one.
  • Long battery life. Takes a long time to charge but lasts a long time once fully charged.
  • Multi-purpose. Teach, watch videos, read. This things is a digital notebook.
  • Perfect size. A 10.1 is the ideal size for a tablet. Not too big, not too small.


  • Front facing camera is 2 MP, which is good but could be better.
  • The headphones what come with the tablet are average.
  • It’s not light weight.

iPad Air – Best IOS tablet

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The iPad Air will quickly become your favorite device. Light weight, fast and it comes with a good front facing camera. If you’ve never experience an iPad Air you’re missing out. Apart from Samsung, Apple is one of the only companies that is producing high quality tablets for work and play.

The iPad Air is an ideal tablet for teaching English online with Palfish or any other app based company because it’s got the three essentials. Fast processor, excellent touch screen and good forward facing camera.


  • Excellent size for a tablet. More square in shape that the Tab A and a bit smaller.
  • Lightweight. You’ll forget you threw this into your tote bag or backpack!
  • You have access to the Apple Store


  • Apple products are obviously more expensive but you get quality for the price.
  • Has a 1.2 MP front facing camera. Acceptable for teaching with Palfish, but could be better.
  • No multi-tasking. The camera turns off if you switch away from an app.

Apple iPad Pro 11″ – Best Professional Tablet

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The iPad pro is a professional grade tablet that comes in a 12.9 inch screen size or an 11 inch screen size. The 12.9 is simply too big and you’re starting to cross over into laptop territory.

The whole point of a tablet is to have a light weight, medium sized device that is designed to be on the go. The 11″ model is perfect for a numerous reasons.

First it has the best front facing camera on the list as 7 MP. This is more than acceptable for teaching online. It also have the largest screen and the best processor on the list.

This tablet is quick, responsive and it can handle multiple applications at the same time. As it’s marketed and designed for professional use, you can technically use this device as you would a laptop.


  • Powerful processor that can handle more advanced applications like video editing.
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Excellent front facing camera, essential for teaching.
  • Sleek, sexy design.
  • Comes with a stylus


  • No headphone jack. You need use your Airpods with this.
  • The stylus attaches magnetically. I find this annoying and prefer the Tab A 10.1 style of having a built in slot you slide the stylus into.
  • Again, no multi-tasking when you switch away from an app. This is an annoyance not found on Android devices.

Nexus 7 – Best Budget Tablet

More akin to a large smartphone than a tablet, the Nexus 7 is the best entry level tablet on the market. With an affordable price point, the Nexus 7 sports a 7″ screen and a 1.2 MP front facing camera.

This tablet is a durable device that can be used for phone calls, as an alternative Kindle reader and multi-media device. If you’re wanting a tablet at an affordable price the Nexus 7 is still one of the best budget options on the market.


  • Larger screen makes online teaching more enjoyable.
  • Can double as a large phone.
  • Small, slim design.
  • Great price point.


  • Some may find the 7″ screen too small for a tablet.
  • 1.2 MP front facing camera. Acceptable but could be better.
  • Dated model. This tablet came out in 2013 and it not getting the latest Android updates. Not a big deal however if all you’re doing is teaching online, watching videos and reading Teach and Go.

Best Tablets For Online Teaching Conclusion

So there you have it, Teach and GO’s list of the best tablets for online teaching for apps like Palfish. Again, the best tablets on the market are made by Apple and Samsung. Each tablet has their own pros and cons. The Tab A 8″ is the best overall tablet if you consider the price point. But the best tablet for professional use is clearly the iPad Pro.